Develop a Career As an Agricultural Engineer in Bangladesh

Agricultural engineering professionals develop new agricultural tools or systems for improving agricultural practices. There is a lot of scope of working as an agricultural engineer in Bangladesh, and also worldwide. If you want to develop your career in agricultural engineering and you want to know how you can do that in Bangladesh then this article is for you.


  1. Make the decision. If you are good at both mathematics and biology, if you are interested about food security topics, if you are interested in environments and ecosystems, then you should consider developing your career as an agricultural engineer.
  2. Develop your academic background. You can develop your academic background in this field from Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) which is one of the best universities in South Asia of its kind. The Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology of BAU offers B. Sc. in Agricultural Engineering. The faculty has five departments: Irrigation & Water Management, Farm Power & Machinery, Farm Structure & Environmental Engineering, Food Technology & Rural Industries, Computer Science & Mathematics. For more information about application requirements, application procedure, admission test and facilities visit the website of BAU.
  3. Improve your knowledge of water management. Agricultural engineers should have good technical knowledge on water supply management, construction of water control structures, water resources management, water demand management and drainage system.
  4. Improve your knowledge of agricultural machinery. Acquire proper knowledge so that you can develop new systems and machines in the future. At least you should know the functions of every part of common agricultural machines.
  5. Improve your knowledge of the environment. In recent years, environmental studies have become very popular. If you get proper knowledge on environmental issues then you will have a lot of scope to conduct research in this field.
  6. Improve your knowledge of agricultural practices. Get familiar with the agricultural practices in Bangladesh. Try to know about agro-ecological zones, cultivation procedure of main crops, etc.
  7. Develop computer skills. Develop your computer skills so that you can take proper advantage of computer for your work as an agricultural engineer.
  8. Participate in field activities. Participating in field activities will enhance your practical field level knowledge that will help you in your job.
  9. Try to get a scholarship to study abroad. Try to study abroad to strengthen your academic background. Some developed countries provide scholarships to study abroad for the meritorious students of the developing countries. Apply for those scholarships.
  10. Apply for job. Apply for job in the related organizations and institutes. Following organizations or institutes can a be a good choice for developing your career:
    • Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC),
    • Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA),
    • Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI),
    • Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI),
    • Bangladesh Sugarcane Research Institute (BSRI),
    • Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE),
    • Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB),
    • Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB),
    • Rural Development Academy (RDA),
    • River Research Institute (RRI),
    • Water Resources Planning Organization (WARPO),
    • International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT),
    • British American Tobacco Bangladesh (BATB).
  11. Conduct research. Try to get involved with research. There is a lot of scope of conducting research in the field of agricultural engineering in Bangladesh.