Dock Your Boat

Are you thinking about purchasing a boat but nervous about docking it? These easy to follow tips will help anyone dock a boat the first time, every time.


  1. Powered boats with spring lines can dock quite easily depending on size. Either way, docking is essential.
  2. Plan Ahead - Know the area and water you plan to dock in.
  3. Stop well away from the dock.
  4. Look at the wind and tide to formulate your game plan.
  5. Set your lines and fenders accordingly, remembering that you want bow, stern and one spring covered at the outset.
  6. Tie the line to your mid-ship cleat with a loop on the dock end.
  7. Before tying off to the cleat, guess how long you'll need the line to be to give a modest scope.
  8. Come up to the dock slowly and as you pass the dock cleat where you want your spring line attached, drop the loop over the cleat.
  9. Continue slowly forward with your wheel straight.
  10. Know that when the spring comes tight, your boat will swing sideways right up to the dock and stay there.
  11. Quickly hop onto the dock and attach your bow and stern lines.
  12. Sailboats must dock accordingly with the wind
  13. Head toward the dock
  14. Find where the wind is coming from.
  15. When the boat is close enough, turn into the wind
  16. Let out your sails
  17. Cleat your boat

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