Bring a Ship Into Port


  1. As a Harbour Pilot you know all about that port so if a ship needs to come into the port you must help the ship into port normally the ship will call for the pilot to help transit safely because do not know about that port
  2. Harbor pilots must climb up a rope ladder to access the ship there MUST BE A OFFICER OR SHIP CREW AT THE PILOT LADDER and when the pilot get onto the ship the ship crew will escort the pilot to the bridge or wheelhouse
  3. When the Pilot gets on the bridge he meets the captain to discuss the transit they do a MasterĀ and Pilot Exchange which the captain of the ship will talk about what his ship is capable of doing and not doing and the pilot will tell the captain about tha harbor or port
  4. The Pilot may arrange tugboats to help the ship maneuver in the harbor especially to the dock the pilot take over navigational command HE DOES NOT TAKE FULL COMMAND OF THE VESSEL so if the captain think the pilot is not capable the captain better have all his marbles in a bag if he do that
  5. So when the pilot dock the ship he walks down the gangway off the ship to the end of the pier to get picked up by the pilot boat or a van can take him back to the pilot station


  • Harbor pilots must be a licensed captain some captains were captains on a ship or on a tugboat working there way up as a deckhand to captain
  • It take years of experience before you can become a pilot you can work your way up from the bottom or you can go to a maritime academy in your home country
  • If you are interested in becoming a pilot visit your local pilot station or call the pilot station to talk to the pilots about what they do


  • Being A harbor pilot is a stress full job there can be language barriers between the crew