Find God Beyond Christian Law

Have you ever gone to a church seeking God and instead got the famous words: "If you want to be born again, then repent, do good, then tithe"? Even if you do complete all these churchly "tasks," does it still leave a hollow place inside of you where you wanted God and were fed religion instead? Do you ever wonder if there is more to being a Christian than being good and giving money to the church? Well, here's some good news.


  1. Consider that God gave us the Law to show us our need for a Savior. Paul tells us that the Law is good if it is used lawfully. It is just a mirror, not a to do list. Scripture says the Law is a schoolmaster to lead us to Christ. It doesn't save us it just shows us we need saving.
  2. Read Galatians, where Paul talks about faith being the only way to God. He completely dismisses the notion that following the old Jewish law is necessary for salvation. The law is summarized by Jesus as loving God and loving your neighbor as yourself. Faith in Jesus is the only way to be saved. Reading the Bible for yourself is a wonderful way to come to know God your father better.
  3. Make time for God. God delights in being with you, and always has time to chat. Making time for just you and Him is important.
  4. Accept that no one is perfect, or a "good Christian". No matter how much a person has tithed (i.e., paid "church taxes"), this does not make the person better than another. God does not care about literal actions alone. What truly matters is motives in your heart and soul. Even if you donate a vast amount of money and time to a great Christian organization, if you do this with a mindset of glorifying yourself, God does not favor it. "To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice" (Proverbs 21:3, NIV).
  5. Realize that any pastor or leader of a congregation who thinks he or she has all the answers is personally misled. Nobody wins any more favor with God than anybody else, all humans are special creations. We are all equals, no matter who we may be or what we have done and none of us has all the answers.
  6. Don't abuse your belief as an excuse for sinning. Jesus' death doesn't mean it's alright to go out and sin. Jesus' death may have freed Christians from the heavy bonds of sin but it's not time to go out and collect some more for Jesus to wash away. It is time to live out your life of freedom before others. And to share your talents, skills and love with others. This way Jesus may draw all people to Himself through seeing what you have. The whole point of His death was not so that you could sin more and bathe in His grace, but so that he could free you and turn you away from your slavery and bonds to the evils of sin. Its important to remember the purpose of your freedom, as described in Galatians; showing love to others.
  7. Continuing from the above point is an insightful quote from DC Talk. "The single biggest cause of atheism in the world today is CHRISTIANS, who acknowledge Jesus with their lips, and deny him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable."
  8. He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God? Micah 6:8 (ESV)


  • Fasting is an amazingly powerful form of prayer. Fast regularly (if possible and healthy for you). Fast with a group. Good things will happen. But don't forget, God isn't about granting wishes and commandments. He is about love. You don't even have to fast through food literally; fast on anything that you feel you have a minor obsession to, which could be a car, clothing, excessive computer time, even scientifically trying to prove God exists (it is impossible, because science is what we use to measure, examine, and analyze everything, and God is literally beyond science and comprehension themselves).
  • Remember that (thanks to the lawful religion) a lot of people have shrugged away from "Christians" because they preach too much and press their beliefs on others. God has called us only to plant the seeds, and he will do the rest to see that they grow. That simply means to love the people around you, and show kindness, even if they do not show it back to you. Your light can never be overcome by their darkness—unless you let it, of course. They will see something in you (God, happiness, purity, mercy) and that will strike their fascination. Sooner or later they will want what makes you so happy and joyful too!


  • Even if it is true, do not threaten people with eternal damnation to get them to come to Christ—this never works out. Pretend you are the person you are talking with, and you have the same beliefs and struggles as them. How would it all come across to you?
  • Be careful with terms like "Organised Religion". This implies a club of people going through religious motions. Christianity is a relationship with God, belief that although you are a sinner you have been justified through faith. Remember, "religion" is man's flawed way of reaching God, but Christ is God's perfect way of reaching man.
  • Never let an opportunity pass to talk to someone. No matter how weird, wicked, ugly, unsightly, or whatever they are, God loves them just as much as He loves you, and He wants them (and you as well) to know that.

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