Become Closer to God as a Christian

The goal of many Christians is to become closer to God. Luckily, there are lots of ways to go about this, from praying to God formally or informally, to reading the Bible. If you like being more social, you can speak with your pastor or become an active participant in your Church. Continue reading this article for more ideas on how to become closer to God as a Christian.



  1. If you are unfamiliar with God and don't know Him very well (ie: vaguely by name) then perhaps you should start by just locking yourself in your room. This will help you to feel that you are now alone with the Sustainer.
  2. Take a deep breath and try to clear your mind of all things that trouble you. Then, say aloud, "Hi, God. I saved this time for You. Will You please come and talk to me?" This may feel absurd at first but know that God truly listens and cares. Remember, "Ask and you shall receive." There is nothing wrong with asking for God to talk to you.
  3. Then, as you would speak to a friend or someone you really trust, unloosen your tongue and tell God all that bothers you. Or, tell Him something great that's just recently happened to you (ie: your team just won a game, someone you like asked you out, or you made a new friend). God listens and understands--always--so you won't have to feel silly.
  4. Don't try to be proud/boastful, or pray anything fancy: just try to address everything big in your life -- but nothing is too little to ask about or for help and wisdom. Prayer should not be only self-centered.
  5. Remember that God has his own reasons, for His timeline, and so trust Him in that. You may not get exactly what you want exactly when you want it, but He does everything for a reason.
    • Also realize that whatever happens may be a result of a "third person(s)" involved in personal actions/inaction, opposite of some of your prayers, and God does not contravene disagreeable parties. They, having free will, might not follow Christ or God, nor stop their misconduct that can involve you. It could, thus, depend (regrettably) on them.
  6. Confess your sins to Him. Pray for all your problems in your life right now, and other stuff that is really important to you. You can try making a prayer journal, if you aren't comfortable with praying, or you would like to record your petitions and their results.
  7. Pray often. Though this may seem obvious, pray twice or more a day to God. Make sure the words come from your heart Imagine yourself coming before him and seeing his majesty as you pray. Worship his majesty! Yet, He wants to be your best friend [bf], who is more than just and right, Holy God, The Judge, for "He is [perfect] Love". He wants you to pray in the Spirit as well as in understanding. He wants you to pray for other people so that they will repent and so that they will be healed.
  8. Ask your Christian friends about prayer, if you aren't the best at prayer, or look around and read articles online.

Other Ways to Grow Closer

  1. Think about God is always right next to you, (He is always with you) like a really close friend. If you do this, you'll probably find yourself talking to God more and more. This automatically brings you closer to him. You will really benefit by worshiping God and seeking to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
    • Be aware that He can and will talk to you through your day to day life. He may talk into your heart during prayer ("Wow-I wouldn't have ever thought of that!") or throughout the day through other people who never knew what you said in prayer, or circumstances that are so very unusual. Also, He is usually more interested in answering the "Why?" instead of the "What?" or the "When?" Sometimes He answers "Yes", sometimes "No", sometimes "Not now"
  2. Talk to your church's youth minister, priest, pastor or children's teacher about questions you have. In general, they have studied the Bible and likely have asked many of your questions themselves. Ask that person things you want to know about God: why does He allow the free choice for us to sin; why does He allow/or (possibly) make His people suffer; how are there troubles when doing "good"; why did He let His Son suffer, bleed and die on the cross for all people (even killers); why did Christ need to return to the Father in Heaven; why did He send the Holy Spirit, etc. You will learn many things about God that you didn't know. This information, also, will help you to explain God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to your non-Christian friends.
  3. Read the Bible. Getting to know God will help you grow closer, and the Bible is the written word of God. What does He like? What does He dislike? What makes Him happy, sad or angry? What does He value? What does He think is foolishness? All these answers are in the book. Try to read your Bible daily through a reading plan. You can find tons of reading plans online, try to find one that you find works for you. Devotionals help because they explain passages in ways that relate to our lives, and explains a lot! You can buy your own, our find some online. A great book that spells out the promises of God, which are true even in the difficult times of life, is "Always True" by James MacDonald. He directs you to Scriptures that will encourage you and give you hope in tough times.
  4. Don't make promises to God that you can't keep. And if you fail on a promise, go back and make amends with Him. Maybe He will want you to make amends to others. Maybe not. Recognize, when you pray, what your feelings are so that you can understand Him better. Open your heart and be honest-He already knows what's in your heart. YOU need to see what's in there-and be honest about it. If you lie, you are only lying to yourself because He already knows the truth.
  5. Pay attention in church. You'll learn a lot more and feel more in tune with God. Take notes in church!!! This helps tremendously and later on, you can review them and figure out how to apply principles to your own life.
  6. Participate in church. Singing in church, and doing the actions you're supposed to do (bow your head, stand up, sit down, etc.) is not enough. Volunteer as much as you can, help others, etc., and be blessed.
  7. The best way is to be honest in your thought, feeling, action. God is purer than any person, so the more you are pure, the more, not only you, but God will touch your heart and fulfill your deepest desires.
  8. Resist violence and fights. Stay balanced and ethically serene. Read the Bible for help on keeping an eternal cool.
  9. If you are Catholic, go to Confession at least once every 2-3 months. It will help you to live a more Christian life, and become closer to God.
  10. Whether you're a child, a teenager, or adult -- try to "hang around" people of the same faith; so your own faith will grow stronger, including when 2, 3 or more persons agree for God to answer. This doesn't mean you can't also be around people that don't believe, but whenever you pray, have faith for what you ask -- because -- if you don't believe, you won't become closer to God enough for a full, daily walk in Christ.


  • Relax and trust God. If you feel as though your problems in life are too overbearing, step back and accept God's plan which is always Good: not bad. "Cultivate faithfulness... 'Trust' in the LORD, and 'do good'...
  • Don't repeat prayers that you don't feel. God wants you to have a conversation with him, not to read empty words to him. Think of him as your friend.
  • "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous--for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go!" Joshua 1:9.
  • You don't have to become a priest, deacon or pastor, to become really close to God. You can do that through your individual prayers, trusting God in simple "down to earth terms" of childlike faith (or actually as a child)!
  • Jesus said, " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind;' and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' "
  • Attend youth groups and adult retreats to light a new fire inside you.
  • Be careful that you won't forget about God. It's very easy to forget, but always focus on God. Seek Him early. Seek Him while he may be found.
  • When you do bless others in real ways then you will receive "blessings" that you can not contain. Your "cup" will overflow to bless others even more.
  • This can't be something like you just want to get into heaven or get whatever reward, but it has to be something that you do for others, diligently. It's not easy, but the rewards are real and are amazing.
  • Seek Him because: It is impossible to please God without faith: For he that comes to Him must 'believe that he exists', And that He is a rewarder of those who 'diligently seek Him'.Hebrews 11:6 (Hebrews 11:6).
  • Always thank, praise and glorify God (for everything He has done or may do for you) regardless of anything good or bad in your life.
  • If you do get angry, okay be angry but do not sin such as fighting, causing injury or damages to others stuff. Do not allow the sun to set on your anger."; so, get over it that same day.
  • Try not to get angry. When people get angry they seem to lose faith in God. But if you do get angry, try to calm yourself down.
  • Reading your Bible every day is essential in growing closer to God. If you're not sure where to read, try studying John. Before you read, ask God to open up your heart, soul, and mind to whatever he wants to show you. Read one or two chapters a day, (maybe one in the morning and one in the evening, whatever works best with your schedule) and really think about what the writer is saying. Pray as you read, and talk to God about what those verses mean. This is an EXCELLENT way to grow closer to Him, as long as you do it every day.
  • 'Delight' yourself 'in the LORD' and he will give you the desires of your heart. 'Commit' your way to the LORD..." (Psalms 37:2-5)[1]
  • Whenever you have a problem, ask God to help you. He may not solve it the way you want, but you will probably be happy with the results. Jesus said, "Ask, and it [what you ask] shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you."[2]
  • "Let not your hearts be troubled" John 14:11. Humble yourself (surrender and bow down) toward God, and He will lift you up.[3]
  • Be a child of God -- and a man or woman of God -- with a great hope, and right attitudes to expect, to be blessed by God.
  • Ask God for forgiveness if you sin.
  • Don't use God as a tool for getting what you want! Treat him like you would treat a friend, or family member, or someone else who means a lot to you!


  • " 'When did we see you hungry and not feed you, and when did we see you naked and clothe you?' they will ask. I will tell them 'Whatever you do' [good, bad or indifferent] 'to one of the least of these My children, you do to Me!' ", Jesus will say at the judgment.
  • "Pride leads to a fall and a haughty spirit to destruction!" the Bible states. So, think more highly of others, i.e.: try to make a habit of being of service, courteous and thoughtful to share God's love with them.
  • Do not be proud -- for, false humility means that you are: proud of your humility and of your achievements without rightly praising God and others.
  • A child or youth can rarely stop parents from separating, and a family breaking up, when the husband and/or wife determinedly wants it (a divorce, for example).

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