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The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) began as a family business and has blossomed into one of the most powerful sports establishments in the world. It sanctions and governs over 1,500 auto racing events in the United States and Canada. The NASCAR headquarters are in Daytona Beach, Florida, and the organization has several offices in North Carolina, and regional offices in New York City, Los Angeles, and Bentonville, Arkansas. International offices are located in Toronto, Canada and Mexico City, Mexico. Because the auto racing industry is so popular, jobs in the field are competitive. Find NASCAR jobs by searching online, and getting to know the people who are responsible for hiring.


  1. Update resume information. Before looking for a NASCAR job, make sure the resume reflects the most recent qualifications and achievements. Include updates to education, experience and references. Include a specific objective on the resume that calls attention to the desire to find a job with NASCAR.
  2. Determine which field is most appropriate. NASCAR has employment opportunities that fill a variety of roles, from mechanical positions to sales and marketing, ticket sales and administrative roles such as human resources, accounting and clerical support. Evaluate your knowledge, skills and talents and decide what type of job would be the best match.
  3. Apply online. NASCAR maintains a website for job applicants. Go to and begin to search for jobs. Applicants can search for jobs by location and job title or keywords. After reading the job description and reviewing the required qualifications, there is a way to fill out an application online and submit a resume. Job seekers can also use this website to learn more about the company and the employee benefits that are available.
  4. Use networking skills. NASCAR receives thousands of job applications every week. Follow up on job applications that have been submitted by introducing yourself to the company representatives making the hiring and business decisions. A brief introductory phone call, a short email or attendance at a NASCAR event are good ways to get a boost in employment chances.
  5. Stay informed. Keep up to date on new opportunities even if an interview or job offer does not come through immediately. Check the website on a regular basis, stay current in your field of expertise and subscribe to any publications or listservs that may provide information on careers, job fairs or other developments. Use social networking to follow NASCAR and its primary leaders.


  • Consider an internship. NASCAR provides part time and full time internships for college and graduate students all year round. This can be a helpful tool in getting a foot in the door at NASCAR in advance of a career in the field.
  • Continue learning. Increasing skills and education will help get the attention of recruiters at NASCAR. Improve upon current skills and take classes to learn new things to keep your resume competitive in the pool of NASCAR applicants.

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