Set up a Race Car

Setting up a race car is cool because you get to customize your car using your own choices to make something you like! This article should be a good start to building a race car.


  1. Find a cheap, used car (Sedan or mini-van).
  2. Replace parts with original racing parts (e.g. Exedy Clutch, HKS Exhaust).
  3. Replace pistons with forged pistons.
  4. Install turbo to increase power.
  5. Replace the exhaust with larger pipes.
  6. Adjust the air filter to apply maximum power.
  7. Change the batteries with OPTIMA Redtop Batteries.
  8. Replace headers for a good look, if you'd like.
  9. Replace The wheels with Alloy Wheels to reduce weight (preferably 20" Rims).
  10. Replace tires with performance tires to increase traction.
  11. Install spoiler to increase traction.
  12. Install Nitrous Oxide to increase power. (Beware, this is illegal in many places, especially in the U.S. Check state laws.)
  13. Replace clutch with a racing clutch (e.g. Exedy Racing Clutch).
  14. Replace suspension for comfort.
  15. Replace the brakes with Disc Brakes to increase braking performance.
  16. Install a body kit to increase traction due to enhanced aerodynamics (and for good looks).


  • A Mechanic should be trustworthy
  • Suggested Brands:
    • Clutch And Transmission: EXEDY Racing Clutch
    • Turbo¬†: HKS
    • Exhaust: Rays Sebring or HKS Exhaust
    • Pistons: HKS
    • Spoiler: GT Wing
    • Batteries: Optima Batteries
    • Headers: NOS or HKS
    • Wheels: Rays Engineering
    • Performance Tire: TOYO PROXES TR1 Tires
    • Suspension: HKS or Bilstein
    • Brakes: Brembo, Wilwood
  • You could hire some friends who know how to fix vehicles to save money from auto repair shops.
    • Parts To be bought should be original racing parts to increase engine durability


  • Don't test drive in public places. Speeding is often followed by tickets.
  • Wear safety gear at all times.

Things You'll Need

  • Knowledge of Cars
  • Friends who know Cars
  • Mechanic
  • Tools
  • Money
  • A second-hand car

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