Beat Anyone at the Lights

Fancy yourself as a bit of a drag racer? To get a good start it is essential to get as much power to transfer to the road as possible. Follow these steps for a guide to get off the line quickly.


  1. Set the engine speed.
  2. Set and hold the revs in your engine's power band. If you're familiar with the car you'll know instinctively where this is, but when starting with a new car consider having a look at the power and torque curves. A Honda Civic Type-R has a very different power delivery to a Porsche 911 Turbo. Note: Don't 'blip' the throttle, as you won't be able to accurately set the revs.
  3. Release the clutch progressively. Never dump or 'sidestep' the clutch. This will result in a massive shock to the transmission, and almost certainly produce uncontrolled wheel spin (less likely in a four wheel drive car). Instead, release the clutch progressively, and counter the drop in revs with a slight increase on the throttle. Limit the wheel spin using a combination of clutch slip and throttle control, and try to fully release the clutch earlier rather than later. In the wet, it can be a good strategy to pull off the line gently then gradually squeezing on the power, thus keeping wheel spin to a minimum.
  4. Squeeze on the power.
  5. When you're off the line it's still critical to keep throttle application progressive, especially in a powerful car or in the wet. Accelerating too hard can lead to 'fish-tailing' and prevents power from transferring to the track.

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