Get Frizz Free Hair Without Spending a Fortune

Supplies of expensive serums need replenished, a costly, and unnecessary endeavor. Many of these don't even do what they say they will. Here is an ancient, tried, and tested method, which will rid you of frizz for a very small price - coconut oil. It reduces the loss of protein, the main cause of damaged and frizzy hair, and locks in moisture.


  1. Purchase coconut shampoo and conditioner. The ingredients list will include Cocos Nucifera. .
  2. Buy a fine-toothed comb.
  3. Buy pure Coconut oil - the Cocos Nucifera mentioned before.
  4. Shampoo your hair. Lather, rinse, but don't repeat, as this is unnecessary.
  5. Lightly squeeze the excess water out of your hair.
  6. Cover it with the conditioner, and leave on for at least two minutes.
  7. Rinse the conditioner out.
  8. Lightly squeeze the excess water from your hair.
  9. Take a towel and wrap it around your hair like a turban. Leave the towel on for about 5 minutes. The warmth helps the hair to absorb moisture. A much better alternative to using a terry cloth towel is to use The Hair RePear towel. It is a thick T-shirt material that wraps easily around your head and will not damage your hair. Found at
  10. Remove the towel and gently brush hair to remove tangles.
  11. Apply a small amount of the oil to the comb, so it is visible between the teeth. Too much oil can make your hair greasy.
  12. Comb the oil through the damp hair.
  13. Reapply oil to the comb as necessary, depending on your hair's length.
  14. Comb your hair every 5 minutes as it dries naturally. Do not use a hairdryer.
  15. Finished.


  • Instead of adding to your comb and risk a heavy amount in one area of the hair, you can rub the oil between your hands and lightly run your fingers through your hair. Any excess can be wiped off your hands before you apply it to avoid over oiling your hair.
  • Apply a drop [dime-sized] of olive oil. Olive oil naturally tames frizz. Avoid applying in excess, as this will make hair heavy or greasy.
  • If you use a hairdryer, don't aim the stream of hot air at one area for too long. It will burn your skin and dry out your hair, making it frizzier.
  • If you have curly hair it might be hard to comb it after having a shower, especially if your hair is thick, it dries quickly. Don't tug at your hair, if you do you have a strong chance of breaking your hair, try to do it in sections or start at the end of your hair and work your way up.
  • Avoid conditioners with alcohol as it can dry your hair and make it frizzier.
  • Only use a brush on frizz-prone hair when it is wet.
  • Sun dry or towel dry your hair rather than blow dry.
  • If in doubt of what amount to use, add a few drops to your conditioner, and apply in the shower. Increase the amount until you have the correct proportions. Then make your own blend and keep it in a separate bottle in the shower.
  • Use a large paddle brush when drying your hair. It will help keep the hair from getting frizzy.
  • Did you know terry cloth and microfiber towels damage your hair every time you use it? Those hundreds of tiny loops are meant for drying the body not the hair. The Hair RePear towel solves this by providing a flat, smooth, and ultra-thick surface that reduces frizz, split-ends, and flyaway hair. Check it out
  • Don't wash your hair with warm or hot water. Try rinsing your hair with cold water to avoid frizz and dry hair.


  • Don't try new methods before important events. It's best to try new treatments when you have time to re-shampoo or re-style in case you over apply the oil.

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