Get a Personalized License Plate in Tennessee

You can show off a bit of your personality whenever you're behind the wheel of your vehicle in Tennessee by displaying a personalized license plate. In the Volunteer State, you can choose to personalize a standard plate or one of several specialty plates. Read on to learn more about how to get a personalized license plate in Tennessee.


  1. Log on to the Tennessee Department of Revenue website.[1]
  2. Click on "Vehicle Title & Registration" in the left-hand column.[2]
  3. Select "Get a Specialty or Personalized License Plate," then "Order a Personalized Plate."[3]
  4. Click on the link for the Application for Tennessee Personalized License Plate to open the .pdf file.
    • Print the application.
  5. Supply your name, address, telephone number, signature and current plate number.
  6. Check the box beside the type of plate you are ordering.
    • Choose from Passenger, Trailer, Motorcycle or Specialty.
  7. Write in the type of specialty plate you want in the box provided.
  8. Enter your 3 choices for your personalized license plate using letters, numbers or a combination of the two.
    • Use capital letters.
    • Do not use punctuation.
    • List choices in order of preference, as you will be issued the first available choice.
  9. Explain the significant meaning of any of the choices in the space provided.
  10. Send the completed application and payment of required fees to Vehicle Services Section, Taxpayer and Vehicle Services Division, 44 Vantage Way, Suite 160, Nashville, TN 37243-8050.
    • Remit a check or money order only made out to the State of Tennessee.
    • Note that the fee for a standard personalized license plate is $35, while personalized specialty plates are $70.[4]
  11. Mail a payment of $35 if ordering the "Helping Schools" specialty licensed plate, and pay $35 when picking up the plate at your county clerk's office.[5]
  12. Pick up your personalized license plate at your local county clerk's office after receiving a letter notifying you that the plate is ready. It takes about a month for personalized license plates to be processed.[6]
  13. Pay renewal fees each year to maintain your personalized license plate.


  • The maximum number of allowable characters varies depending on the type of specialty plate ordered.
  • No personalized license plate in Tennessee can use less than 3 characters.
  • You can also pick up an application for a personalized license plate in Tennessee by visiting your local county clerk's office.
  • Standard personalized license plates for passenger vehicles and trailers use between 3 and 7 characters; motorcycles plates use between 3 and 6 characters.
  • The background artwork found on a standard Tennessee license plate is not used for standard personalized license plates.


  • Commercial vehicles are not allowed a personalized license plate in Tennessee.
  • Do not leave the first character block blank when entering your personalized license plate choices. It is okay to use blanks in other spaces, but the first box must have a letter or number.
  • Antique Auto specialty plates cannot be personalized.
  • Do not use offensive language when entering your choices. Entries deemed offensive will be rejected.