Get a Temporary Turkish Registration Number Plate for Syrian Registered Cars

Since April 2015, all Syrian-registered cars in Turkey are required to display temporary Turkish registration number plates. With this steps, all Syrian citizens now be able to get a temporary Turkish number plate and temporary registration certificate.


  1. Take your vehicle to the nearest police department, with Syrian registration number plates.
  2. Remove the original Syrian registration number plates.
  3. Fill out the 3 EK-1 forms.
  4. Put all needed paperwork (see below) and Syrian plate inside the vehicle registration folder and give them to the police.
  5. Go to the "Number Plate Printing Center" (Plaka Basım Yeri in Turkish), at the Turkish Chamber of Drivers and Automobilists (Türkiye Şoförler ve Otomobilciler Federasyonu in Turkish) and have your temporary Turkish plates printed.
  6. Install the new temporary Turkish registration number plates.


  • If your Syrian-registered car entered Turkey after April 3, 2015, you may need a "Temporary Road Certificate" from the customs.
  • All Syrian-registered cars without displaying temporary plates, will be banned from roads.

Things You'll Need

  • The appeal petition (Müracaat Dilekçesi) of the vehicle's owner, or other Syrian refugee.
  • Sample of the "Foreign Identification Document for Syrian Refugees" of the vehicle's owner.
  • Notarized and certified translation from Arabic to Turkish of the vehicle's Syrian registration certificate.
  • Registration number plates issued by the Syrian Arab Republic.
  • A registration folder.
  • 3 EK-1 vehicle registration forms.
  • Photocopy of the vehicle's insurance policy.
  • Photocopy of the "Foreign Identification Card for Syrian Refugees".
  • A vehicle inspection of the Syrian-registered car.