Get a Personalized License Plate in Utah

Are you a Utah resident with the desire to express your freedom of speech and individuality every time you get behind the wheel of your vehicle? You can, when you create a personalized license plate for your car, truck or motorcycle. Continue reading to find out how to get a personalized license plate in Utah.


  1. Go to the Utah State Tax Commission website,
  2. Click on the "Forms and Publications" tab, and open Form TC-817, Application for Personalized and Replacement Plates.
  3. Fill out the form online and print when complete, or print a blank form and write in the required information.
  4. Check the box beside "New Order" at the top of the form.
  5. Indicate type of vehicle and enter date, owner's name and address, and telephone number in Section 1. Sign the form at the end of this section.
  6. Write in vehicle's information in Section 2. This includes make, model, year, registration expiration date, plate number and Vehicle identification Number (VIN).
  7. Enter up to 3 choices for your personalized license plate if you are ordering Standard Life Elevated Skier or Life Elevated Arches plates in Section 3. Check the appropriate box to indicate which plate design you desire.
    • Explain the meaning of each personalized plate choice in the box below each entry.
  8. Submit your 3 personalized license plate choices in Section 4 if you are ordering a group plate. Specify which plate design you are ordering.
    • Type or write your choices in the boxes provided. Add the meaning of each choice in the boxes below each entry.
  9. Use Section 5 if you are entering FCC- or county sheriff-assigned call numbers for an Amateur Radio or Search and Rescue Radio personalized license plate.
  10. Mail the completed application and check or money order in the appropriate amount to Utah State Tax Commission, Division of Motor Vehicles, Special Services, 210 N 1950 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84134-8120.
    • Make payment out to Utah State Tax Commission.
    • Note that the fee for a personalized license plate in Utah is typically $55. Other fees apply, and fees for specialty plates vary.
    • Include $3 for the plates to be shipped to your mailing address.
  11. Renew your plates each year within 6 months of the registration expiration date. A $10 annual renewal fee is required for personalized license plates in Utah in addition to standard registration fees.


  • List your plate choices in preference order, as you will be issued the first available choice.
  • Standard plates allow up to 7 letters and numbers, and group plates allow up to 5. Personalized license plates for motorcycles allow only up to 4 characters.


  • Do not use profane or vulgar language in your personalized license plate choices. Any choice viewed as offensive will be denied.
  • Symbols, special characters and punctuation marks are not allowed.
  • Letter and number combinations used on a personalized license plate cannot match those used on regular license plates.

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