Get to Pewter City in Pokémon Silver

Want to go to Pewter City but don't know where it is? Here are the steps to safely reach it.


  1. Go to Saffron City and to Copycat Girl's house.
  2. Talk to Copycat in her bedroom. She will mention something about a lost doll.
  3. Go south to Vermilion City.
  4. Enter the Pokémon Club.
  5. Talk to the chubby guy inside. He'll give you Copycat's lost doll.
  6. Go back to the Copycat's house.
  7. Give the doll back to Copycat and she'll give you a pass to ride Magnet Train.
  8. Check your PokéGear. You should be able to tune the PokéGear Channel now.
  9. Go to Vermilion City and tune to the Poké Flute Channel.
  10. Go up to the Snorlax, who sleeps in front of Diglett Cave, which is the only access to Pewter City, and talk to it. It will wake up and attack. Snorlax will be at Lv. 50, so be prepared to catch or defeat it.
  11. Enter Diglett Tunnel after you have caught or defeated it, and make your way to the other side to exit the tunnel.
  12. Go left and cut the skinny tree. Then, go north.
  13. Welcome to Pewter City!


  • Catch the Snorlax.

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