Handle Troublemakers at Work

Sometimes we are faced with people who like to create trouble - they would do it anywhere - just because they have not got what they wanted in life - they throw out their frustrations on people around them


  1. Understand that its them and not you
  2. Do not react to what they do
  3. Think coolly and try to find an answer to whatever problems they have created for you.
  4. If you think coolly, you will 100% find an answer to your problem.
  5. Act as if it has not affected you at all.
  6. Do the needful to solve your problem.
  7. You have won. This will only frustrate the opposite person more.
  8. If you handle all the problems in the above way, one fine day the person will surely feel ashamed of himself/herself and stop creating problems for you.


  • Be aware of the colleague - do not let her do any real major harm to you - if required speak to your boss and keep him informed about what's going on

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