Handle an Xbox Enforcement Action on Your Account

Xbox Live is a big gaming community network that is closely moderated by the Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement Team, who review everyone's complaints that they submit. This is an endless task. You can be subjected to an Enforcement Action if they deem you have done something that has violated the Terms of Use and Code of Conduct. If this has happened to you, and you're unsure what you should do next, you have a few options available to you.


Checking Your Email

  1. Log into your email. The system they use sends you an email address, with content that tells you what you could have done, as well as notifies you that you have been subjected to an Enforcement Action. So first, check your emails. You will need to log into your Microsoft Account that is connected to your Gamertag at https://outlook.com.
  2. Find the email. Sometimes it lands in an Xbox Folder or in your spam folder. The title will be Enforcement Action or something like that. So if you cant find it, you can use the search icon to try and find it.
  3. Read the email. Try to think what you have done that could have breached their rules and expectations. This could have been from ages ago that they have caught up on now.

Case Review

  1. Consider requesting a case review. If the Enforcement Action is current and is more than 24 hours old, you can submit a Case Review to the team. To do this, head to https://enforcement.xbox.com
  2. Sign into your account. You will notice a "Sign In" option on the top right navigation bar, or on the review record. You will need to use the account that got the Enforcement Action on it.
  3. Find the hammer, and an option to submit a case review. You can only submit one, so make sure you include as much info in it.
  4. Click "Submit". Wait for a notification via email telling you you have a response.


  • Don't ring Xbox Support, as they are not able to give out, nor access the abuse history on your Gamertag/Account.
  • Don't post in the Xbox Forums or on the Microsoft Community asking why you have been banned. The community, nor staff, can access the abuse history or contact the Xbox Enforcement Team.
  • Don't contact Xbox Ambassadors, or threaten them, as this will result in further Enforcement Actions against you. Same with mods or other members of the community.


  • You only get one chance to submit a Case Review to the Enforcement Team. So you will need to ensure it has as much information as possible.
  • Don't expect them to un-suspend you because your friend was using your account and broke the rules. Your account, your responsibility.