Change an Xbox Account to a Child Account

Microsoft's Xbox Live system makes it easy for parents to monitor and control many aspects of their children's game play. This includes the games they can run in the system, the amount of time they can play each session and whether they can download additional content. In order to take advantage of these controls, however, the appropriate type of account must be assigned to the youthful players. It's easy to change an Xbox account to a child account so you can monitor your child's gaming activities.


  1. Turn on the television and the Xbox console.
  2. Sign into the adult account on your Xbox console or create one if the child profile is the only available option.
    • The Xbox Guide is found by pressing the center silver button on the Xbox controller.
    • Follow the prompts on this screen. The "Create Profile," "Sign In" and "Sign Out" options are all available from this menu.
  3. Press the "Guide" button again and then press right on the d-pad until you arrive at the "Settings" menu.
  4. Arrow down once to the "Family Settings" option and press the green "A" button on the controller.
    • The screen will change to a green "Console Safety" screen.
  5. Turn the console safety on by highlighting the option and pressing the green "A" button.
  6. Create a pass code and secret question.
  7. Set the lowest "Ratings and Content" settings you want to be available on any account.
    • You will need to set a content limit for each type of media.
  8. Save and exit the this screen by moving the cursor over that option and pressing the green "A" button.
  9. Switch to the child profile.
    • Press the "Guide" button, press the "X" button to sign out of your account and then press the "X" button again to see the available account profiles.
    • Choose the child profile and then press the green "A" button to select and sign in.
  10. Edit the Family Settings on this account.
    • Move to the "Settings" menu and select the "Family Settings" option from the Xbox Guide.
    • Enter the pass code you set while on your own account profile.
    • Choose the "Ratings and Content" menu and set limits for each type of media.


  • The parental controls on your Xbox console are only as strong as the weakest link. Keep your pass code secure from your children and don't choose a secret question they would be able to answer. Ensure that all adult and child profiles require the entry of a pass code to play any media you would find objectionable.


  • You may be forced to wipe the account and start fresh if you forget your pass code and secret question answer.

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