How does the human mouth look from inide?

Our mouth performs three important functions:

a) It is the starting point of the digestive system. Food is taken in here and the process of digestion starts from here.

b) It is a passage between the pharynx and the outside of the body and can, thus, be used for breathing, when air from nose is inadequate, e.g. during vigorous exercise.

c) It plays an important role in speech. The mouth is a hollow cavity and has teeth in front. The floor of the mouth is formed from sheets of muscle tissues which are attached to the inner surfaces of the jawbone known as mandible.

Cheeks are the sidewalls of the mouth, while the palate forms the roof. Palate is a thin sheet of tissue which seperates the mouth from the nasal cavities.

The mouth cavity joins the pharynx at the back. The mouth is lined by the mucous membrane.