Install Wheel Locks

Your vehicles wheels are a big investment. Whether they came with it from factory or you just spent quite some money on getting new wheels to change the appearance of your vehicle. You definitely want to protect your investment. Installing wheel locks will prevent someone from stealing you investment when you are not around.


Preparing for Installation

  1. Buy or order wheel locks. You can get wheel locks for your vehicle at most auto parts stores. Depending.on the vehicle you might have to get in contact with your local dealership for a set of locks specifically for your vehicle.
  2. Choose a wheel nut. Choose which regular wheel nut you would like to replace with a wheel lock.
  3. Loosen up the wheel nut. Now that you have chosen one, you will now loosen up that wheel nut while the vehicle is on the ground. I find it easier to use a breaker bar to loosen it up because it give you more leverage.
  4. Remove the wheel nut. Once you have loosen the wheel nut, you may now remove the wheel nut completely

Installing New Wheel Locks

  1. Install the wheel locks. Now you will install the wheel locks using the key provided with the kit, tighten finger tight
  2. Torque down the wheel locks. Once you have tightened them by hand you will now use the key provided again to torque the wheel locks on just enough. However, do not over tighten the locks. If you do so you will possibly strip the key and not be able to get them off.
  3. Store the wheel lock key in a safe place. This is probably the hardest step of it all, finding a safe place to hide the key. Most people like to hide the lock somewhere inside the vehicle where they know it will be safe. This decision is up to you so you can be as creative as possible.


  • Do some research on which keys will fit the requirements you need.
  • Using a breaker bar to loosen the lug nuts is the safest and easiest way to remove them.
  • Store the key in a place they you know you won't forget about.


  • Keep your key hidden in a safe place, you don't want to make it obvious where it is at.

Things You'll Need

  • Breaker bar
  • Extension
  • Socket
  • Lock
  • Lock key

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