Prevent Drunk Driving

In New Zealand you're a Legend if you stop a mate driving drunk. Anyone can prevent drunk driving, you don't have to be their friend. It's practically your civic duty to prevent drunk driving and you should do all you can to help prevent drunk driving. These steps won't apply in all circumstances, pick the ones that apply to your situation.


  1. Don't let people around you get drunk. It's possible to enjoy alcoholic beverages without getting intoxicated. If you can control the supply of alcohol, don't give anyone who seems on the verge of being drunk any more alcohol to drink. Switch to water or soft drinks, provide coffee and think about getting something to eat. Driving after drinking even one drink is illegal in some places and irresponsible everywhere but stopping people getting drunk is a good start to preventing drunk driving.
  2. Organise someone to be your designated driver you are drinking in a group. A designated driver can get everyone home safely.
  3. Call the drunk person a cab/taxi/Uber etc. You can prevent drunk driving by giving the drunk an alternative way to get home. Reassure them their vehicle will be safe and offer to help them retrieve it when they are sober.
  4. Offer them a bed for the night. If they have somewhere to sleep, they don't have to drive themselves home because you can put them up. Make sure you don't let them drive until all the alcohol is out of their system.
  5. Drive them home yourself if you haven't had anything to drink and you have a full driving licence. Even if you don't have insurance to drive their vehicle, you may want to take the risk for a short journey. The police may sympathise as you are trying to do the right thing, but, this isn't a great option, especially if it's a long journey home.
  6. Walk the person home if practical. Drunk drivers are irrational and lazy! They may think they are fine to drive the five minute journey home, they're not! Walk home with them, you could be saving their life.

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