Wire Off Road Lights

Off-road lights can be defined as the lights for a vehicle which are designed specifically to perform different kind of tasks that cannot be performed efficiently by headlights. Most often, these lights are used in weather like heavy rainfall or fog when the way forward is hard to see. Since these off-road lights are not commonly used, it needs to be attached separately. Wiring Off-Road Lights can be simple if you follow proper steps and do not go haywire in the process. Here are some simple steps which will guide you on how to wire off-road lights.


  1. Disconnect the battery of the vehicle. Ensure that you disconnect the ground terminal on the battery as a safety measure.
  2. Mount the lights.
    • Firstly, decide on an appropriate position to mount the off road lights.
    • In case this is your first time and you are not sure which would be the ideal spot, It is always a good idea to place the lights temporarily before you fix the lights so that you can change it later if required.
  3. Place the switch for the off-road lights. Once an appropriate position has been decided upon, place the switch in a location which would be most convenient for the driver to operate with. If not sure about the placement, install the switch temporarily until a final position is decided.
  4. Connect the switch terminal on the lights.  Using the wire that comes from under the dashboard with that of the switch terminal on the lights.
  5. Connect battery terminal on the lights to the battery.
  6. Connect the ground terminal on the switch to the metal part under the dash.
  7. Connect the center lug of the switch with the wire.
  8. Take the same wire through the firewall into the engine compartment and connect to the battery.
    • Ensure to keep some extra length of wire so as to move the switch is required.
    • Check if all connections are secure.
  9. Connect the ground terminal back to the battery.
  10. Test the lights by switching it on and off multiple times.


  • The lights have to be connected to the ground and to the switch.
  • The switch has to be connected to the ground and to the battery.
  • The battery has to be connected to the switch and the ground


  • Always seek professional help if you are not good with electrical wiring.
  • Ensure that all the connections are secure.