Join MI6

MI6, formally known as the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), is the UK’s intelligence agency that provides foreign intelligence to the government. SIS collects secret intelligence and conducts operations across the globe to help detect and prevent crimes, as well as protect the national security of the United Kingdom. Joining the SIS, or MI6, requires that you meet certain eligibility requirements and complete a long and grueling application process. But getting started is actually really easy: simply check out their website to start your application!


Meeting the Eligibility Requirements

  1. Confirm your British nationality with a UK passport. The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) is committed to protecting British interests at home and abroad. In order to join MI6, you must be a British citizen and have lived in the UK for the majority of the 10 years prior to your application to join the agency. The easiest way to confirm your nationality is to have a UK passport that describes you as a British citizen.[1]
  2. Observe the agency’s no drug policy. To reflect the negative effects of illegal drug use on behavior, judgment, and physical and mental health, MI6 has a strict drug policy. Drug abuse can prevent you from getting a security clearance that would allow you to be an agent. If you want to join MI6, you should refrain from using any illegal drugs from the point of your application onwards.[2]
    • The point of your application refers to the date you submit your application.
    • Even if a drug is legal in a different country, if it’s illegal in the UK, you can’t use it if you want to be an agent.
    • Previous drug use will not necessarily prevent you from joining, but you need to be honest and open and mention your previous use if you are asked about it during the recruitment process.
  3. Prepare a list of employment and education references. Part of your security check will involve interviews with people knew you professionally and in an educational setting. You’ll be expected to provide references for the agency to investigate. Compile a list of people and their contact information so you’re prepared.[3]
    • Tell anybody that you include on the list that they may be contacted by the SIS to ask questions about you so they expect it.
  4. Pass the SIS security clearance. If you do work for the SIS, you’ll have access to a wide range of highly sensitive information. Because of that, you’ll need to pass the SIS security clearance, which can take up to 3 months to complete. The process will take an in-depth look at your life, including your personal relationships and finances.[4]
    • Be honest and direct during the process. If you try to conceal anything during the security check, you will be banned from applying.

Applying to the Agency

  1. Visit to apply to join the SIS. To find out what jobs are available at SIS, you need to visit their website to start your application process. The application process itself may take up to 6 months, but starting your application is as easy as clicking on a link.[5]
    • Candidates will face a thorough security vetting, assessments, and tests before they’re offered a job.
  2. Become an Operational Officer to work in the field. Operational Officers are the front line of the SIS. They work to collect and validate intelligence, build relationships with other people to yield valuable intelligence, and any other operational efforts to keep the country safe and secure. Choose the Operational Officers option on the website to start your application.[6]
    • There are a variety of roles both overseas and in the UK available as an Operational Officer.
    • Intelligence officers receive training throughout their careers to stay up to date on the latest technologies and developments.
  3. Join the Science and Technology division to keep the agency running. Technology is behind everything that the SIS does. The Science and Technology division ensures that the SIS operates effectively, provides reliable information to the government, and stays connected to their intelligence partners. Click on the “Science & Technology” option on the SIS website to apply.[7]
    • You’ll also receive training that you can use to work in the technology field whenever you leave the SIS.
    • If you have a background or interest in science and technology, this may be the division for you.
  4. Be a Business Support Officer to administrate an operational team. Bring your judgment, experience, and organizational skills to help support an operational team as they gather intelligence or a corporate team that helps ensure the SIS runs efficiently. The SIS wants an admin team that is adaptable and able to respond to the changing priorities of the agency. Follow the link for Business Support Officers to apply.[8]
    • Previous administrative experience can help your application but isn’t a requirement.
    • Most Business Support Officers work in the UK, but there are a few overseas positions you could work your way towards.
  5. Keep the facilities running by joining the Trades and Services division. It takes a lot of people to keep the SIS and its facilities running smoothly. From the security guards monitoring the facilities to the call operators who take and route incoming calls, every role is vital to keep the agency fully operational. Select the Trades and Services option on the website to apply to work for the division.[9]
    • You don't need to have any formal qualifications to apply and work for trades and services.
    • Previous work experience is recommended, but not required.
  6. Provide HR, finance, or legal support by joining Corporate Services. Corporate Services is a division with wide-ranging responsibilities. From records maintenance experts to commercial lawyers and compliance officers, the corporate team at SIS is critical to ensuring the effective running of day-to-day operations. Apply by following the link on the SIS website.[10]
    • The various roles at Corporate Services mean the qualifications can vary depending on the position.
  7. Use your language skills by becoming a Language Specialist. Much of the intelligence gathered by SIS needs to be translated, analyzed, and converted into usable information for operational teams and to inform the government. Based in London, Language Specialists work with intelligence service partners to help protect the UK. Click on the Language Specialists link on the SIS website to start your application.[11]
  8. Wait to receive a formal job offer from SIS. When you have finished the application and vetting process, if the SIS is interested in hiring you, they will send you a formal letter offering you a position. Take some time to look over the letter and decide if you’re ready to dedicate years of your life to the agency. If you are ready to join MI6, respond by accepting the offer.[12]