A student asked: “What is the difference between Information System Management (ISM) and Management Information System (MIS) and what are the current trends of these information systems?

Answer: Both Information System Management (ISM) and Management Information System (MIS) are a part of the Information Technology infrastructure in a company. Many people consider ISM is the same as MIS or at least has a similar function, but there is a slight difference between them.


By definition, Information Systems Management (ISM) often refer to the design, implementation, support, and manage the INTERNAL Information systems of a company. It includes the networks, computer systems and servers (Hardware) as well as software applications . (Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, and Human Resources etc.) Since each company has unique systems and processes depending on the way the company operates, people who work there must be familiar with the system by managing them accordingly to make sure that everything works well.

By definition, Management of Information System (MIS) is the management of all information required to help company management make operational and strategic and decisions based on information obtained. In most of the time, many information comes from outside of the company or EXTERNAL sources such as data from the market trends, suppliers, competitors, and sales. Therefore, the system collects data from many sources, analyze them and turn them into useful information for company management. (Business Intelligence, Big data, Database, market trends, etc.). The main objective of MIS is to develop an effective communication both inside and outside the company to be used to analyzing, and predict future outcomes to make effective decisions.

Today the major current trends in the Information System Management (ISM) is the advance in Cloud Computing as many companies are moving their information system to the cloud to save costs and increase efficiency. Currently, many universities are focusing on conduct more research on Cloud Computing (i.e., Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud as well as security issues etc.)

Due to the increasing amount of data available from multiple sources. (i e., The Internet, Mobile devices, Internet of Things, streaming, social media etc.) the Management of Information System (MIS) is driven by several trends which include Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence. Currently, many universities are focusing on conduct more research in Machine Learning, Deep learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc.)


  • Blogs of Prof. John Vu, Carnegie Mellon University