Information System Management

A student wrote to me: “Can you tell me more about a career in Information System Management (ISM)? What kind of job and career that a student does after graduate?”

Answer: I have written in detail several articles on Information System Management (ISM). Basically, this is a program that combines business principles with technical skills to teach students to solve complex business problems in companies that are using Information Technology (IT). Graduates in ISM can lead to job in government, businesses, and software organizations.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

A typical ISM graduate may start as computer systems analyst, a career that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projected would see a 25% increase in jobs from 2010-2020. This was faster than the average of all occupations. Today many companies are using information technology (IT) to automate and improve their processes. They need someone who has both technical and business skills to work closely with business people to automate or improve their processes. The ISM program often has several specialties as you can focus on network system, database system, application, software as a service, and wireless networking. Most ISM graduates work as Computer System Analyst, Information Systems Managers, Network System Manager, Database Administrator, Service Manager, and Computer Support Specialists. After several years of experience, they can move up to Information System Auditor, Information System Manager, Database System Director and Chief Information Officer. Salary in the U.S often star at $85,000 for entry level position to $250.000 for people with over 15 years of experience for senior executive position.


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