Make a Queen's Nest for Easter

A "Queen's Nest" is an Easter craft basket suitable for holding your Easter goodies. It is simple to make and will amuse the children for a craft project. Use it as the highlight of the Easter egg hunt as an incentive to make the children hunt high and low with great excitement.


  1. Find a basket at a craft or dollar store. The size depends on how many goodies you want to place in it, or the size of the goodies.
  2. Decorate the basket with Easter themed designs. Small wooden cut-outs make a wonderful basket enhancement, especially if glued around the outer edge of the basket. These can be found at craft stores and can be glued on with craft glue. They should be painted in Easter colors before application.
  3. Choose Easter goodies to place in the Queen's Nest. Items can include Easter eggs (chocolate and sugar), small toys, plushies (stuffed animals), other candy, chocolate rabbits/bilbies etc. See Tips below for some ideas to include meaningful Easter items as well.
  4. Use the Queen's Nest as the highlight of the Easter egg hunt. Hide it along with all the other Easter eggs being used as part of the Easter egg hunt. Make its hiding place harder than anything else but also let the children know that there is an extra special Queen's Nest hiding out in the garden/house somewhere.


  • You can put eggs in it along with odds and end toys.
  • If you feel that your religious belief does not permit enjoyment of Easter eggs, you might like to add in religiously related items with a few small eggs, such as a scroll of some Psalms, a small cross necklace or the Story of Easter purchased at a Christian bookstore. This will assist you to bring out the real message of Easter with your child, without denying them the enjoyment that they will see their classmates and neighbors having.


  • Be careful not to place Easter items/the Queen's Basket used in an Easter egg hunt in hot areas where they might melt, such as a stove or near hot water pipes.

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