Memorize a Grocery List

Tired of having to write everything down? If there's no scrap paper available and you need just a few items at the grocery store, this will help you to memorize them instead of killing trees.


  1. Try to make a word out of the first letters of each word. For example, if you have to get bread, apples, carrots, and kale, you could just remember the word BACK.
  2. Set the list to a tune. Hum it in your head until its stuck there. Keep singing the song under your breath while you are in the supermarket.
  3. Picture yourself writing a list in your mind. Take your time writing the list in your head. When you're done, hold a mental image of the "list" in your head.

House Method

  1. Associate each item with a room in your house. Imagine walking counter-clockwise in your home. Make the associations as absurd as possible.
    • This was first done by the ancient Greeks to remember topics in a speech.
  2. Imagine in the living room that all furniture are in the shape of apples. In the next room imagine that the floor, windows and doors are covered with bagels and you cannot see outside. In the next room imagine that the bath only has faucets that give off beer. In the next room slip on butter that is all over the carpet. In the next room, you cannot get in because there are thousands of cereal boxes.
  3. Review (before going on, after 5 rooms): living room, apples; bonus room, bagels; bath, beer; bedroom, butter; bedroom, cereal. If you cannot remember some, then redo that association before I go on to 6 through 10. I then do another 5 and review.


  • Repeat the story once or twice.
  • Tell whoever is going with you.
  • The more absurd and unusual the story is, the more likely it is that you'll remember it.
  • Make sure it's a story you enjoy. If you like humor, make it funny. If you like gory, bloody, horror stories, make it gory, bloody and horror filled.


  • It may take some getting used to, but it will improve your memory and it saves trees.

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