Modernize Your Old Car With Spare Parts

Are you tired of looking at your old car everyday? After this article, you will have the ability to change your cars appearance, so that you will enjoy getting into it everyday.


  1. Clean your car beforehand. Many of the defects that you see everyday may be simply noticed because you do not clean your car. Vacuum. Clean between all of the car's seats. Grab a duster. Dust your dashboard. Use a wet rag. Wipe all of the dirt and smudges that you might notice.
  2. Develop a budget and plan. Breaking down your spending limits is the most important step before beginning your improvements. This will provide you with the opportunity to think about where you will spend or save money. after you find everything wrong with your current car, begin to question the importance of each part. Unless your budget is limitless, you will have to accommodate your needs and wants accordingly.
  3. Fix the ripped seat cushions. Here you have two choices. Either replace the entire seat (which will cost a fortune), or manage to find good looking seat covers. The latter is recommended, but the only issue with it is that even if there is one minor cut in a single car seat, you will have to cover every seat so that you have a uniform interior.
  4. Install new tires. One of the best ways to enhance the way your car handles is with a new set of soft compound tires. To change them, apply the parking break. Place a rock behind the tires to keep the car in place. Lift the car with a jack. Unscrew the bolts and remove the tire. Mount the new soft compound tire. Screw the bolts. Lower the car.
  5. Get a cassette tape adapter. If you have an older car without an aux cord and you do not want to spend money on a new radio, but you want to listen to your own music, buy a cassette tape adapter. This is a handy tool that you can use to finally connect your phone and listen to your own music. This can be found at any electronics store. To use it, simply insert the cassette into the cassette player and connect the aux cord into your phone.