Pimp out Your Ride

It is easy to pimp your ride out. It is very fun as well.


  1. Buy a decent car.
  2. Paint it the color you are wanting or think is cool.
  3. Paint on a cool design or add another colored section.
  4. Tint windows. Keep in mind if there are any laws against this.
  5. Lower suspension.
  6. Fit big exhaust pipe.
  7. Fit sport air filter under the hood.
  8. Fit alloys.
  9. Fit loud speakers & Sub-woofer in the trunk (at least 15 inch).
  10. Fit blue neon lights or another color that you find.
  11. Fit a spoiler.
  12. Fit a body kit.
  13. There you go: a pimped out ride.


  • Get an expert to check your car is safe and modify it if needed.
  • All of the things said in this article are optional. You may leave out some of these things if you do not wish to do them.
  • Ask a girl you find attractive about all the decisions you are about to make.
  • Your car will be pimp no matter what steps you do.


  • Check road laws
  • Drive carefully

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