Remove a Passenger Side Airbag

Airbags play a key role in the rider's safety even though they are a one-time use. The main purpose of the airbag is to protect the driver and passengers during a collision. Once the bags are deployed the vehicle winds up getting totaled out. In some cases, the vehicles are savable but need to have the airbags replaced to be road legal. While this replacement is not recommended to anyone at home or without experience to perform, this job can still be done safely, putting you back on the road safer.


  1. Gather tools needed to complete the job and proper safety equipment.
    • Safety glasses
    • Gloves (only recommended)
    • 3/8” Impact Driver or 3/8” Rachet
    • 10mm socket in 3/8” Drive
    • 3/8” Drive Extension
    • Flat Head Screwdriver
    • Plastic Trim Tool (if applicable)
  2. Locate and position yourself on the passenger side of the vehicle. Open glove box door, notice and locate the 2 tabs acting as stopper so the box does not open all the way. Depress both tabs at once, if not possible, while slightly pressing down on the glove box, apply pressure to the outside of one of the tabs inwards to push it past the lip. This is the release of one side of the box.  Proceed to adjacent side and perform same task. Be careful and while slightly pressing down on the glove box, do not press too hard, as once the second tab is released from the lip, the door will freely fall to the floor.
  3. Once the glove box door is released and pushed all the way down out of the way, next is to investigate the cavity and locate the hold down bolts for the airbag itself.    Up above, as shown in the pictures, shows the two bolts you are looking for. These are the 10 mm bolts you need to remove to loosen up the airbag to be able to remove it from the top side.
  4. Once the bolts are removed, return to the top side of the dash. Get your flat head screwdriver or plastic trim tool, if applicable, ready. Looking at the top of the dash you can see the outline of the airbag. Carefully insert the screwdriver in the crack while pushing down. This is important because it will help break the plastics free and act as a leverage point.    Once pried free and removed from the dashboard, you will see the one yellow connector and one orange connector that are attached to the side of the airbag. These two clips can be easily removed by prying them with the screwdriver and wiggling it the rest of the way out with your fingers.
  5. Once the bag is loose and disconnected, you can now easily pry away at the leather/plastic cover off and around the little hooks on the air bag, as shown. 

After proper removal of the cover, the airbag should be free like shown below.


  • After this, safely grab the new bag, insert it back into the cover, and repeat steps 4-1 in the ordered to help reinstall the airbag properly.