Name Your Farm

Homesteading and farms, both small and large, are becoming more and more mainstream as we speak. It is an exciting and possibly even lucrative way of living. As food and necessities become more costly, people are looking for ways to save money while providing for their families. Our family is currently engaged in this life change as well. Just like any great business adventure, your homestead or farm must have a name! It is imperative that you don't skip this step in the growth process. A name gives you something to take pride in and work hard to develop, or "brand", so-to- speak. Just like big corporations such as Coca-Cola or AT&T, you want people to relate to your name and develop a curiosity about it. You want to peak people's interest in what is going on with you and the products and/or services that you plan on providing. Once you decide on a name, the "branding" process begins. Once you develop a great brand, you can create ways that your brand will fill the needs of your community. Products like all-natural lotions and soaps, goats milk, jellies and jams, produce, cottage type baked goods and the list could go on and on. This article will help you generate a creative name for your farm!


  1. Consider interesting features on your farm. For example: Do you have a patch of pine trees? Try "Wild Pines", or "Pine Grove". If you have a lot of Honeysuckle, incorporate that into your farm name!
    • Research your prospective farm name to make sure another business doesn't have it.
  2. Observe your livestock. If you raise any type of livestock, sit outside on a sunny day and be creative! Names such as "Alpine Acres", or "The Jersey Joint" are some fun options.
  3. Look at your physical family.  This can include extended family members, too! Is there something unique, or that sets you apart from other families? Something like "7 Timbers" is creative, or "Crazy Acres".
    • Pick a creative name; this gets people's attention and makes them want to learn more! name definitely gets people's attention and it makes them want to learn more! Choose a name that you feel a contagious passion about.

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