Play Battlefield 2 Well

Here are some tips to help you improve your ability to play Battlefield 2.


  1. Utilize your surroundings. Take cover behind things, jump off buildings to get away from an enemy who has climbed up, climb up buildings so you will have the jump on approaching enemies. Know the maps well so you won't get lost.
  2. Remain in constant motion. Speed is a big part of this game so always be moving in the direction of your goal. Avoid walking straight, be sure to strafe some and move around. If someone is trying to snipe you this makes it really, really hard to get a head shot.
  3. Take cover wherever you can, be it behind a flower pot, in a ditch in the ground, in a nick in the wall or even behind a vehicle. But be sure not to stay too long once they have spotted you.
  4. Charge up your sprint often. When traveling around the maps, don't use up all your sprint; try to keep some in reserve for when you are in combat.
  5. Keep your weapon loaded. You can reload your weapon while you are moving, and, if you start reloading first, then you can sprint and reload at the same time.

Enemy far off

  1. Lay down. Laying down gives you a huge accuracy bonus, makes you harder to spot and, once spotted, makes you a lot harder to hit.
  2. Change your weapon to single shot. This will increase your accuracy due to the recoil that will cause your aim to jump after each shot. After each shot you will want to wait for a moment until your sights are back where they were. To change your shot mode you reselect your gun. Basically try to switch to your rifle when you are already wielding it and it will change your shot mode. You can see what shot mode you are on by looking at the very bottom right hand of your screen.
  3. Use your weapon's iron-sights or scope, depending on what your weapon is equipped with. The default key for this is the Right-mouse button, click it once. Aim your reticle towards the enemy player. Try to get it onto his chest or head depending on the range.
  4. Start shooting. When using an automatic weapon you will want to fire in bursts at your target, no more than 5 shots at a time. This really depends on your range though, you don't want to just hold down the trigger because the recoil of the gun will bounce your aim up and off of your target.

Enemy close up

  1. Draw a bead on him. Pretty simple, point your gun at him.
  2. Take appropriate action based on your equipped weapon:
    • Heavy machine guns or automatic shotguns. Aim at his head or chest. Now simply lay down down, scope in/use the iron-sights and fire. If the enemy is really close, as in about {{safesubst:#invoke:convert|convert}}, don't even bother with the iron sights as he should be dead within 2 seconds if you are hitting him.
    • Light machine guns, or weapons that don't have automatic. Start shooting in his direction. If he is {{safesubst:#invoke:convert|convert}} or more away, lay down, scope in and then just try to get as many head shots as possible, or chest shots, while using full automatic. If he is really close like {{safesubst:#invoke:convert|convert}}, start firing, be sure to have the gun pointed at him, then lay down while strafing. It doesn't matter what direction you strafe, just don't strafe into a wall. While strafing you can lay down, get back up and basically do whatever you can to avoid being shot back. The common strategy for the opposing player will probably to lay down, so it should be fairly easy to keep your aim on them.
    • For a pistol you really got to focus on getting head shots, you only have 15 shots so you really got to make them count.
    • For a sub machine gun you can just point and shoot. Strafe around your target and keep firing.


  • Medic bags take a few moments to activate once you throw them. If a sniper hits you and you have 2 bars of life, it can be pretty scary dancing around a thrown Medic bag waiting for it to activate and heal you. Be sure to throw medic bags in advance.
  • When sniping a target that is moving around a lot and you don't think you can get a head shot, simply shoot him in the chest. This will take him down to 2 bars of life, then whip out your pistol and take him out long distance. Be sure to scope in, and, if he doesn't get to a health bag in the next few seconds, he is in the bag.
  • Watch out for grenades, even if one is right under your feet, if you sprint and then jump you can still survive.
  • When playing as a Medic or as a Support, constantly throw out health bags and ammunition bags. This is how you really rack up the big points. Sometimes people don't even know that they got an ammo bag so be sure to throw them where friendly soldiers will walk.
  • When throwing grenades, think: where will enemy soldiers be?. Where do I go and see other players go when I am on that team? Throw the grenades there. You can get extra range by jumping right before you throw.
  • When playing as a Medic and you are moving up to a piece of cover that you are going to hide behind, throw a Health bag there before you even get there. That way if someone gets a shot at you while you are there, or you are hit by a sniper you will automatically be healed all the way.
  • If you are a sniper and come up on an enemy soldier unaware of you, you might not want to go for the knife kill. While a knife kill does look good on your stats page, it tells the enemy soldier right where you are. If you snipe him in the head point blank, he will have no idea where you are or how far away you are.


  • Watch out for friendly grenades and for friendlies when throwing grenades.
  • Don't punish for accidental team kills. Do punish for intentional team kills. You can get banned for misusing the Punish for Team kill system.

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