Refresh a Car

Here are a few tips to a fresh car inside!


Clean the air-conditioner

  1. Dab some oil scent on the vents of Air-conditioners, this gives away fresh smell inside the car.
  2. Hang a scented tissue over the A/C.
  3. Spray room fresheners or hang in a Odonil, that must do.

Clean the insides of the car.

  1. Clean the steering and other plastic surfaces with olive oil to give a fresh and new look
  2. Clean glassy surfaces like windows, headlights, rearview mirrors with a little toothpaste. Apply the paste evenly and rub it with a old toothbrush to scrub away any dirt.    PS: This also works great with removal of fog shades
  3. Change the seat covers and wash them once in three-six months.