Remove Stick on Lettering from a Vehicle

It's pretty easy to remove stick on lettering from a car.


  1. Get a hair-dryer and turn it on.
  2. Point the dryer towards the edge of lettering that is desired to be removed.
  3. Move the dryer side by side until the letters begin to peel.
  4. Once a corner of the letter starts to curl up gently pull the rest of the letter off.
  5. BEWARE - larger pieces of plastic graphics can get very hot and burn you.
  6. Remove any remaining adhesive residue with acetone, goo-gone, or Goof-Off. Test any substance first in a hidden location. Depending on your paint, you also risk destroying your paint job.
  7. Finished.


  • Don't gouge the paint off, and work outside (acetone stinks).


  • If you need to use acetone, make sure that the acetone won't ruin your finish. Test somewhere hidden (inside of a door or by the bumper usually works).