Remove a Stuck Diesel Tank Cap (60mm Locking Cap)

Fuel tank caps are critical. They keep water and dirt out, keeping a seal. But allow the tank to vent on those sweltering days, or those days when your eyelids are icing up. Either way, it is always good to have a few tricks up your sleeve if/and/or/ when you cannot remove the cap to fuel up.


  1. Know that all diesel fuel caps have a similar design.
    • Find the spring inside the cap that keeps it from turning itself off going down the road. The cap needs to be pushed to be rotated off the neck.
    • Find a hammer if it is locked up and you cannot move it either way, then try to break the spring loose, this will push the cap in and hopefully free it enough so that you may remove it. Don't hit hard enough to break it.
  2. Finished. If it is really on there tight, ask for assistance.


  • Use common sense. The cap is typically made of aluminum and striking it too forcefully may damage the tank, neck, and the cap itself.

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