Roam in Your Mental Dungeon

Have you ever wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons, but you don't have the money to purchase the game or the time to set it up and follow all the rules carefully? Here is a simple and effective method for quickly making your own dungeon to explore, just by using your mind.


  1. Relax your body and mind. Find a quiet place to sit and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Try to clear your mind of everything not related to your game.
  2. Close your eyes and slowly start forming a stairway in your mind. Notice specific details. What is the temperature like? Are you holding anything? What are you wearing? Why are you here or do you know? Is it wet or dry? Cold or warm? Dark or light?
  3. Move your imaginary self down this stairway and into a long narrow hallway. Again notice thinking of details. Listen closely and describe the noises around you.
  4. Follow the hallway to a big cavern. Again notice the details. What's inside? Are there people? If so, create some dialog.
  5. Continue through your dungeon adventure by creating more rooms, encounters, and objects! Keep thinking of the best details!
  6. Collect a treasure that was in your thoughts, or find a map on a wall, if you imagined seeking a treasure prize.
  7. Explore up or down stairs, in and out of the doors, or down a long hall.
  8. Create and go into another dark room thinking of the reasons to explore it. You can do the same thing for hours in your dungeon and treasure rooms. Trying to rescue someone and get the treasures out...


  • See if it helps to write down what you see, and so you might write a story!
  • If you can talk and focus on the image at the same time, perhaps setting a recorder or talk-to-type before you start can be helpful to keep track of the best details.
  • This is a great way to pass time--on a long bus trip, in a car, waiting in line, listening to music, etc.


  • if you do this for too long, you can cause mental strain.

Things You'll Need

  • a good imagination
  • a story to build up

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