Say a Well Rounded Prayer to God

When you go to bed, you know you have to pray but don't know what to say. Here is an example on how to say everything God wants to hear..


  1. Start off with praising him for he is God then tell him what you're thankful for. Thank God for your family, well being, everything you own, safety, love and affection, everything in your life, and Jesus because he gave up his life so we could meet God in Heaven.
  2. Name your sins and what you think you should do to make up for them. Make sure if you sinned against someone, you ask for their forgiveness, also. Ask humbly for God's forgiveness for the sins you mentioned and all the sins you have committed.
  3. Start off with "I pray for ___________". Do this the whole way through. You can fill in the blank with worldly things, family things, or what ever you pray for. Example: "I pray for everyone who has been hurt in natural or human made disasters."
  4. Humbly ask God to help you with hard times or just everyday life. Ask Him to help you act on promises or to not do something anymore. Example: "Dear God, Please help me think before I do something."
  5. Praise God for all he does for you, your family, and the world. Thank him for listening to your prayers and forgiving you. Praise him for his deeds and love.
  6. This is the ending of the prayer. Asking God for things you want can be hard so start off with things that are not relating to you personally. Example: "Lord please let my kids not fight." After you do this ask God for things you personally want. Example: "Please God let me get a good job."
  7. The final word of course is "Amen."


  • For Step 5: Think about what God does for you each and everyday.
  • For Step 2: Rewind the day in your mind and think about all the sins you committed.
  • If you don't think this is enough to be very thankful, go to a prayer service.
  • Remember that prayer is a two way conversation. Instead of trying to force the words, take time to be still and listen. God will give you the words to say.
  • For Step 1: Think about all God provided for you today.
  • For Step 4: Think about what you have problems in doing.
  • For Step 3: Think about all the tragedies that were on the news.
  • For Step 6: think about what you need or what would make life so much more relaxing and less stressful.


  • Try not to just keep the same prayer pattern everyday and just change Step 2 or the prayer will lose its purpose. Then it seems as if praying is a chore and it shouldn't be.
  • On Step 6,try not to be greedy and ask for a lot of things because God knows what you want. Be sure to ask for what you really desire not just everything that seems nice to have.

Things You'll Need

  • Faith in God
  • Care for one another
  • Love

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