Search Your Car for Contraband

We have all heard horror stories of otherwise innocent people being arrested when contraband they are not aware of, left by friends or criminals, is found in their vehicles by law enforcement. Follow these steps to search your own vehicle for contraband and dispose of it. Car Maintenance and Repair


  1. Search your vehicle periodically, and every time after you have loaned it to a friend or your kids.
  2. Move your car to a private area, away from prying eyes.
  3. Put on tough leather gloves. They will keep your fingerprints off of contraband, and protect against pricks by syringes.
  4. Start with the ashtray, then the glove compartment and console compartment.
  5. Exercise extreme caution when searching under seats and between cushions! This is where you will find syringes.
  6. Use a mirror to look up into the plastic under the steering column.
  7. Open the trunk and remove the spare tire and tire tools. Feel into every corner and compartment.
  8. Don't neglect the air filter compartment, fold-down seats, and any other compartments.


  • To dispose of drugs, grind them up in the garbage disposal or flush them down the toilet. Wash the containers with soap and water and discard.
  • Remove the plunger from syringes and soak all parts in undiluted bleach and run bleach through the needle. You may want to wear safety goggles or a face shield to keep those nasty chemicals out of your face. Place between two sheets of cardboard and smash with a hammer. Bongs can be destroyed in the same way.
  • Unload firearms if you are sufficiently familiar with them, otherwise do not attempt. Firearms can potentially be evidence in a crime, and cannot be legally disposed of. However, do not surrender the weapon personally! Instead arrange for your attorney to do so. They may send a private investigator to do this. With the exception of your attorney, take your knowledge of this weapon with you to the grave!
  • Do not put contraband in your own trash or your neighbor's. Only use municipal dumpsters and conceal the items amongst other trash.
  • Dispose of gloves if contraband is found; they will have drug or gunpowder residue on them.
  • If one of your friends hid the contraband, forbid him from ever entering your house or using your vehicle ever again. If your kids are responsible, have a serious talk with them and don't let this go unpunished.


  • DISCLAIMER: This article is no substitute for professional legal advice. Always consult your attorney before following any steps of this article. The author must insist that this article be used only by people who want to ensure there is no contraband hidden in their vehicle. This advice is not to be used in illegal activities, and the author accepts no responsibility for the consequences of misuse of this article.
  • Needles can hold all sorts of nasty chemicals and diseases that can kill you or leave you diseased for life. Wear your gloves!
  • Exercise extreme caution with removal of firearms; criminals mostly keep them ready to fire, and it does not take much rough handling to discharge them. DO NOT KEEP FIREARMS, NO MATTER HOW VALUABLE THEY ARE! Even if you need the money, don't even THINK about selling them!

Things You'll Need

  • Attorney and his advice
  • Tough leather gloves
  • Small mirror
  • Safety goggles or face shield

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