Use Ask Jud

Ask Jud is a trick you can play on your friends to freak them out. All you need is a couple of minutes and an unsuspecting friend! Set up your friend(s) by telling them that Jud is a virtual tarot that can answer any question they ask, but only you know the magic that makes him answer.


  1. Go to the website Ask Jud where you will be presented with two boxes, one asking for your "petition", and one asking for the question you wish to ask.
  2. Ask your friend for a question to ask Jud, or better yet, pose a question of your own. If your friends think of a question you know the answer to, proceed to the next step, otherwise, just enter "Jud, please answer:" and fill in the question. Jud will answer with a general answer such as "I cannot establish a spiritual link". Not a problem, just try again and when you come up with a question to which you know the answer, just go to the next step.
  3. Begin entering the standard petition (which is "Jud, please answer:") into the "petition" box. In the beginning of the petition box, type a period (full stop). This is where the magic will happen, instead of a period being inserted into the petition box, you will see a capital "J", as illustrated below.
  4. Type the answer to the question your friends have asked you. Notice how the petition continues to "fill itself out" as you type your answer.
  5. End your the answer to your question with a period (full stop). You are now out of the "answer mode", which means anything you type after the second period (full stop) will appear on the screen. Now, complete the missing portion of the standard petition.
    • Note: When you enter a colon ( ':' ), the cursor will automatically move to the "Question" box
  6. Fill in the question box with the question provided by your friends. For this example, we will use the fictitious question "Who was this how-to made for?". Once you type the question mark ( '?' ), the answer box will appear, and your answer will be displayed.
  7. Watch in amazement as your friends are bewildered by Jud and his ability to know the answer to their question. Undoubtedly, they will want to ask another question, in which case, simply click on the "New Question" link and repeat these steps again.


  • To keep the trick believable, allow your friends to type the petition and question, once Jud gives them one of the standard answers, tell them he must not like them and suggest to them that you take over the duty of typing.

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