Write a Letter of Interest for a Promotion

Many companies choose to hire new workers from within when posts become available. Being prepared to express your interest in a position that would provide an opportunity for promotion is essential for advancing your career. As a rule- accompanying your resume, a letter of intent for a promotion can provide evidence of your interest in moving your career forward to your supervisors and other managers. Use these tips to write a letter of intent for a promotion.


Sample Letters of Interest

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Writing Your Own Letter of Interest

  1. Create a professional letter to display your intentions and interest in an available promotion.
    • Arrange your letter in a business-style format that includes your address, the employer's address, a salutation, an orderly body of the letter and your signature.
    • Type the letter using a standard font, such as Arial or Times New Roman in 10 to 12 point size.
    • Utilize language that demonstrates proper grammar. Avoid politically incorrect phrases, profanity or other inappropriate language.
  2. Send the letter as soon as possible after you have heard the promotion is available. Wasting time may demonstrate to a manager or hiring representative that you are not as interested in a position as another candidate.
  3. State your level of interest in the promotion at the beginning of your letter. Explain to the reader why you're interested, what the promotion would mean to you professionally and personally, and the aspects of the job that match your qualifications.
  4. Indicate how you would fulfill the duties of the position. Demonstrate you understand the position by describing how you would go about the everyday tasks associated with the position. Describe the impact the position has on others, and elaborate about your intentions of working with other employees and departments within the company.
  5. Analyze the challenges and opportunities for the position. Clearly define any obstacles you foresee that would make implementing the goals of the position difficult. Hypothesize about how you would face these obstacles and create opportunities from them to meet the needs of the position.
  6. Review your experience, qualities and skills. List your education, talents and qualifications that demonstrate your ability to perform the job. Include any details about certifications or licenses you hold that make you more qualified for the promotion than other candidates in the company. Let the reader know you have the required skills for the position.
  7. Remind the reader about any accomplishments you have achieved while working with the company. These accomplishments might include exceeding sales expectations, creating a new marketing plan that has proven to be successful, or landing a lucrative account with a new client. Demonstrate your worth to the company, especially as it relates to the promotion.
  8. Stress loyalty to the company in your letter of intent. Tell the reader how long you've been employed with the company. Indicate that your efforts and achievements have been with the company's best interests in mind. Describe for the reader your vision of working with the company for many years to come, especially in this newly available position.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer and printer