Write a Resume for a Video Game Tester

Writing a resume for any profession is a clear cut and detailed endeavor. You want to put your best foot forward, yet remain honest and sincere. You need to display your wisdom and talents without overstating or bragging. This article will give you some guidelines as to how to go about "selling yourself" and remain professional.

The biggest mistake that many young people looking for careers in the gaming industry make are being too unprofessional. While using slang and up-to-date phrases are great, they are never accepted in the resume. The resume is here to let the employer about you and how you will be able to fit into a niche that the company needs to fill.


  1. Gather your information.
    • Were you in any clubs? Even if the clubs were not technologically geared you still want to include them. This gives the employer a sense of who you are as an individual.
    • List volunteer work. What, you haven't volunteered? If not, you should volunteer in some capacity in your community. We are all connected and companies very often have volunteer work that is needed to be done. Companies know how important it is to give back to the community and be part of the larger whole. So get out there and volunteer. You don't have to be a missionary, but choose something that you like to do and do it. Even if it's only once a month.
  2. Next list all of your skills. It can be very helpful to take advantage of organizations in your community who offer to help young persons, people changing careers, and people returning to the work force. Oftentimes they offer workshops on how to translate the skills you have into skills that the workplace can use. They often will have contacts in the workplace for jobs or mentors. Do free work. Sounds crazy to work for free, but you're not really working for free. Experience and education are the two areas where you get a great return on investment. You cannot buy experience nor knowledge, not to mention the contacts you may make.
  3. List the jobs you have held in the past. Make sure you can account for time between jobs. With today's economy being a roller coaster, most people have time in between jobs. If you find that you have some months where you are unemployed, volunteer. Fill those months with productive hours.
  4. Check out the many websites available to put all of this information into a form easy to dissimulate for the prospective employer. Remember to keep slang out of the resume. Have someone proofread it for you and make a lot of copies for snail mail too. You will want a professional looking copy to go with any internet contacts that you make.
  5. Follow up all emails or applications done on the web with a hard copy sent to the prospective employer.
  6. Always be courteous and answer questions honestly.

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