Write a Transfer Letter

After being hired for a position at a company and spending years working there, new opportunities may arise that you can take advantage of. There may be positions that have been made available at the company that wasn't there previously. If you wish to transfer to a different sector of the company or take advantage of the newly available opportunity, it is beneficial and courteous to write a transfer letter to your manager that details your intentions and your ambition. Following this simple guide, you will be able to write a professional transfer letter.


  1. Write your name, first and last, your title or position in the company, the company name, the address of the company and the date in the following format. All in the left upperhand corner.
  2. Add salutations. Begin with a salutation such as "Dear [Supervisor]" or "To whom it may concern."
  3. Identify yourself. Start the letter by identifying yourself; state your name and current position. Explain the purpose of the letter such as that you have recently found that [position] in the company has been made available and is looking for applicants and that you are interested and would like for the company to take you into consideration for the job.
  4. Add your qualifications. In the next paragraph, detail your experience and qualifications for the position, and your history with the company. Some information that could be included in this section are the years that you have worked at the company, details about what you learned while working at your current position or past positions and how that has helped to prepare you. Make sure you give the feeling that you are appreciative and supportive of the company that you work for.
  5. Add your reason for transfer. Explain your reason for wishing a transfer and how you feel that you would be more beneficial to the company in the other position. Some reasons could include career goals, personal or lifestyle reasons, and improper fit at your current position.
  6. Meet with your supervisor. In the final section of the letter, offer to meet with your supervisor to further detail your ambitions and thank them in advance for their consideration. Include details about your availability and ways to be contacted.
  7. End the letter with a closing. Such as Sincerely, Best Regards, Respectfully.
  8. Give it to your manager. Either hand a printed letter to your hiring manager or supervisor(person taking applications), send it in an email or do both.
  9. Example. Here is an example of a simple transfer letter.


  • Make sure to be respectful while writing, consider your supervisor and the company. In addition, try not to have a bragging or arrogant tone while referring to how long you've worked for the company or how qualified you are.