"Ninja Loot" in World of Warcraft

In the World of Warcraft, players group together within hopes to discover important items. These items typically drop from the ending boss. When these items drop from the boss, players roll dice to see who gets the item. Many times players do not have the time and/or patience to make multiple runs though an instance for this item. To counter this problem, they simply steal the item in an event which is called Ninja Looting.


  1. Form a group outside of your favorite World of Warcraft instance. If your character is level 60, look for groups interested in Blackrock Depths (BRD), Molten Core (MC), Scholomance (Scholo), or Zul'Gurub (ZG). These instances are great for Ninja Looting. Note: for level 70s go to Karazhan, the black temple, gruul etc..
  2. Keep in mind once you have started a party or group for the instance, make the players feel comfortable with your character by throwing a joke or two. Get the group laughing.
  3. Remember now that you've built a pact of trust, continue the instance without saying a word. When it comes time to roll on drop, make sure to Greed roll, because the risk of being spotted increases with a Need roll. So if you are thinking about "needing" on that Green item, DON'T. And never EVER roll need on a green item. if you really do need a green item ask the group politely if you could roll need. If other players need the item too then it doesn't matter, it might drop later, or a better item might drop later in the instance.
  4. Note that depending on the instance, you may encounter several Mini-Bosses. These bosses are not to be Ninja Looted because their drops are not worth getting blacklisted over. If you are thinking about Ninja Looting them, simply DON'T.
  5. Remember when it comes time for the instance boss, your group will form a huddle. In this huddle a guild will call out strategies and tactics for taking down the boss.
  6. Note that, as explained above, the strategy will probably not work, but you must adhere to it. Straying from the plan is a surefire way of getting yourself heat. This is not what a Ninja Looter wants.
  7. Remember your group has worked hard, and they may be rejoicing. Do not give into the /dance commands or /trains. Make sure that you are focused on the corpse you just downed.
  8. Keep this step in mind, because it is important! Spark controversy right before the Ninja Loot. This will serve as your distraction. Ninja Looters most often blame others for Need rolling on Materials right before they go in for the Ninja Loot.
  9. Know the Ninja Loot: As the group begins to argue and/or discuss your claim, disband from your group, and hold shift as your right click on the downed boss's corpse. This will ensure that all contents of the corpse are delivered to you in one click. It is important to IMMEDIATELY use Hearthstone and log afterwards.


  • Add the players you just ninja looted to your ignore list.
  • Google the addon called Cartographer. Once you loaded it, you should be able to see boss items that they drop and the percentage.
  • Do not brag about what you got, it will only add to the hate.
  • Once you have all the loot you want you can do a paid transfer/name change and start a new life on a new server with a clean slate, if you want to.


  • CAUTION - Make sure to examine the contents of the corpse before leaving the group for a Ninja Loot. Sometimes the downed boss will have dropped complete junk that is not worth getting Blacklisted over.
  • Sometimes lower level players may be twinks (secondary characters for someone who has played through already and is holding their high level character waiting on Lich King), and you may find yourself being blacklisted by several guilds, not just the one you "ninja looted" from.
  • Oftentimes, a Ninja Looter will become "Blacklisted". Their player name is reported on the World of Warcraft forums, and various guilds will blacklist them from raids/groups/invites.
  • Ninja Looting is almost universally looked down upon.
  • Ninja Looting may be more trouble than it's worth. Participating in a generous guild can be more rewarding overall, and less frustrating than Ninja Looting.
  • Just a note to anyone who has read this far and is hoping to "ninja loot" in Cataclysm: It isn't possible anymore. Disbanding from your group will now teleport you out of the instance, assuming of course you are randoming as 99% of people do nowadays.

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