Thwart a Carjacker

Carjacking is a thriving crime n the US and UK, especially in built up areas and surprisingly rural areas as well.


Situational Awareness

  1. Always be aware of your surroundings. This has nothing to do with checking mirrors every few seconds, but everything to do with not using phones whilst driving or driving under the influence.
  2. Take mental notes of cars or people following you as you drive. If you feel like you are being tailed, there are numerous ways to find out for sure and prevent it.

Identifying a Carjacker

  1. If you feel like a car is following you, take 4 right turns, essentially completing a square or circle shape. If they follow in a circle with you, they are certainly following you.
  2. if the drivers in the following car seem to be masked, they are likely attempting a carjakcing.


  1. Once you have identified your carjacker, attempt to memorise the make, model and number plate of the car. Pull your car up into a police station parking lot, and explain the situation. Provide police with the number plate to hopefully have the potential carjackers found out.


  • Having weapons in your car purposely for self defense is against the law in most countries. Therefore you have to have a reason to have any sort of possible weapon in your car at the time.
  • Home is in fact not the safest place to go to in this circumstance.
  • Buy a dash cam after any kind of incident like this, or preferably before it takes place.