Deploy Traffic Cones and Other Visual Warning Devices

There may come a time one day when you may need to put down some cones to keep people or vehicles away from an area. This article will teach you how to do that correctly.


  1. If you have any reflective or high visibility clothing, put it on.
  2. Move the obstruction as far to the side of the road or walkway as possible. If you are moving part of a vehicle onto the curb, ensure there is sufficient space for pedestrians to get by.
  3. Think about how many cones or warning devices you have. Most vehicles only carry three, so the process is simple and generally looks like what's in the diagram.
  4. If you have more than three cones, place them strategically around the obstruction.
  5. To prevent people from parking in a parking space, there are a variety of ways to place cones. This is useful if you are loading or unloading large objects from the vehicle and you need the extra space or if you are holding it for another vehicle. The most common method is to place a cone in the center of the stall.
  6. Another common use for this is to prevent vehicles from parking in a spot that is too small to accommodate a vehicle in a parking lot without marked stalls. Since these lots do not have marked stalls, drivers may attempt to squeeze their vehicle in between two other parked cars.
  7. Finally, cones are useful to create a buffer zone when working near the curb where there is no sidewalk. This doesn't need to be a major project. Even if you are simply cutting the grass near the curb where there is no sidewalk, it is advisable to create a buffer zone with cones.


  • Remember that the obstruction doesn't need to be a disabled vehicle. Cones can be deployed for just about anything.


  • This information is only to be used for temporary hazards in low traffic areas. If you are obstructing a major road or expressway and/or the obstruction will occur for more than ninety minutes, contract a company that specializes in traffic control.

Things You'll Need

  • Traffic cones
  • Safety vest (optional, but strongly recommended)

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