Be Legally Covered when Using a Carpool Service

Carpooling by using commercial services is an increasingly popular way to commute. When choosing a company to ride with, look for these things to ensure a safe and responsibly driven journey.


  1. Fill out the registration form if the company asks you to. This can be a great advantage to both parties in the case of an emergency.
  2. Furnish your ID if asked. This may be a hassle at first, but it means that the company is concerned about security and the safety of its passengers.
  3. Ask for a copy of the carpool company's policies and insurance limits if they don't give you one up front. If they are hesitant or don't have anything to give to you, look into using another company.
  4. Get a copy of anything that you sign.
  5. Familiarize yourself with basic regulations regarding carpool operations, so that you can be alert to any blatant violations such as driver information not on display, vehicles not being numbered, vehicle condition, etc.
  6. Exercise caution, and be judicious in selecting your service supplier. If something strikes you as odd, ask about it. If you aren't impressed with the quality that's being offered to you, find another ride.
  7. Always get a receipt for your payments.


  • Look online for services and guidelines for choosing a carpool service.
  • If in doubt about things, ask questions.


  • If you are ever in any doubt about your service provider, ask a lawyer or other legal official who could help.

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