Use GoGoGrandparent

GoGoGrandparent lets people use Uber and Lyft without a smartphone. It is a solution for people that can't Use Uber Without the Uber App because they can't get online. GoGoGrandparent operates a 24/7 touch tone system that combines technology with human operators to let people use Uber and Lyft with a phone call. If you are uncomfortable using a smartphone, can't get online, would like someone else to manage finding a ride for you or simply prefer speaking to someone, you may be interested in GoGoGrandparent.


  1. Register. GoGoGrandparent lets registered users use Uber and Lyft by making a phone call. People can call from any type of phone, including payphones, flip phones, smartphones and landlines. Anyone can register and registration is free. To register, visit or call 1 (855) 464-6872. Be prepared to answer a few questions. You will be asked for:
    • Your name
    • Your birthday
    • Your home address
    • Form of payment
    • Other phone numbers you may use (optional)
    • Email address (optional)
    • Emergency contact (optional)
  2. Call GoGoGrandparent from a registered phone number. Using a phone number that you registered, call (855) 464-6872. If you call from a number that isn't registered you will be redirected to an operator who will ask for your registered number. Give them your number and they can order a ride for you. Otherwise, once registered, anytime you call from your phone number you will be presented with a menu of options:
    • To order a ride to your home, call GoGoGrandparent and press 1.
    • To order a ride to pick you up where you were dropped off last, call and press 2.
    • To speak to an operator call and press 0.
  3. Confirm the pickup. After you select where you want to be picked up, stay on the line. GoGoGrandparent will read to you the current price of a ride in your area and ask you to confirm that you still want a ride. If there are higher prices in your area they will play a warning and ask if you'd prefer calling back later. Your options at this point will be:
    • Press 1 again to confirm the price and order the ride.
    • Press 9 to cancel the ride.
    • Press 0 to speak to an operator.
  4. Get ready to hear the driver's information. Once you confirm the price and order a ride, stay on the line. You will hear "One moment we're finding your driver." This process can take up to two minutes. Once a driver is found, GoGoGrandparent will tell you:
    • The estimated time until you get picked up
    • The driver's name
    • Car type
    • Car color
    • The last three digits of the driver's license plate
  5. Be ready to leave. When the driver is four minutes away, you'll receive another call from GoGoGrandparent that will let you know the driver will be there soon and will ask you to begin heading outside. They will replay all the driver's information for you again at this time. If you choose to, you can press 3 to call your driver during this phone call. You can also cancel your ride by pressing 9 or speak to an operator by pressing 0.
  6. Have your destination ready. When the driver arrives they will ask you for your destination. If you did not order the ride through an operator you will need to give them a street number, street name and city. Most of the time you will not be allowed to provide a cross street nor give verbal step by step instructions. If you ordered through an operator, they will have given the address to the driver. If you do not know the address, call GoGoGrandparent and an operator will assist you in looking it up.
  7. Keep your phone on and ready. GoGoGrandparent staffs operators that are dedicated to communicating with your drivers ahead of time and overseeing your ride. If something goes wrong they may reach out to you or your driver. If you ever need assistance during a trip, call (855) 464-6872. GoGoGrandparent will know that you're taking a trip and will fast track you to an operator to provide assistance.
  8. End your trip. At the end of the trip, your destination will be autosaved to your GoGoGrandparent menu under option 2, your 'last location'. This will be how you are able to order a ride back. If you walk to a new destination that isn't where you were dropped off last, you will need to call and press 0 to speak to an operator. Otherwise, when you press 2, the return driver will be guided to the spot where you were dropped off last. If this is a large complex, or a complex on private grounds, it may be best if you order the return trip through an operator.
  9. Optionally tip your driver. At the present time, GoGoGrandparent does not have a way to tip the driver themselves. If the driver was helpful or loaded anything into the car, you may want to consider leaving them a tip. Most people that tip choose to give $1 to $2.
  10. Receive your receipt. If you gave GoGoGrandparent your email address, they will email you a receipt with the cost of your ride. If you did not give them an email address, they will call you after your ride completes to let you know how much was charged to your card. If you ever need to know the price of a ride before you take your trip, call GoGoGrandparent and press 0 to speak with an operator.


  • You can speak to an operator at any time, at any step of the process by calling GoGoGrandparent and pressing 0.
  • If you just want to order a ride but need to order through an operator, call GoGoGrandparent and press 6. This will fast track you to an operator that can order a ride for you.
  • If you get picked up from a few locations repeatedly, ask an operator about adding them to your menu. You can add up to three 'custom locations' to your menu under '3', '4' and '5'. This means that when you call in you'll hear: 'Press 1 to get picked up at your home, 2 to get picked up where we dropped you off last, 3 to get picked up at (your customer location), 4 to get..... and 0 to speak with an operator."
  • If you have special instructions on how to get into your home that will need to be given to drivers, let an operator know. They will add them to your account so that all drivers and GoGoGrandparent operators will know how to pick you up.


  • Use foresight. You need access to a phone to use GoGoGrandparent. If you are calling from a landline you will not be able to bring it with you. Fortunately, you can call GoGoGrandparent from any phone. If you are taking a trip to a destination that you will want to be able to return from, check with them first to make sure they have a phone you can use to get a ride back.