Take a Ride in Ridingo (India)

This WIKI-How guide is meant for members who want to take rides in cars using Ridingo(www.ridingo.com) This guide tells you how you can get a comfortable ride in a car, at the cost of a bus ride.


  1. Enter ride details. Enter your ride details to begin finding cars. Enter the route and time of the ride.
  2. Find your Ride giver. You can view all the matching car owners on your route. Once you find the right partner, request them for a ride.
  3. Contact & Co-ordinate. Contact your ride-giver and co-ordinate on phone to finalize a common meeting point/place. Go ahead and Enjoy your ride.
  4. Reward your ride giver. Once you are done with the ride, our system will remind you to reward your ride provider. Just simply click on the "Reward" button. You will charged a minimum of Rs 3.5/Km
  5. Review and Rate. It's good to keep the community healthy and vibrant. Your review will help us improve our system and give you a better ride sharing experience.
  6. Recharge online. Every member gets Rs 50 worth of Ridingo Coins free when they register. Use this to try rides out, and recharge online to continue using.
  7. Experience points and Levels. When you take rides, your Experience Points (XP) and Level increases. These in-turn helps you reduce your ride costs.