Be a Geek and Be Popular

Just because you are a geek doesn't mean you can't be popular. Take the example of one of the world's biggest 'geeks', Bill Gates. Need we say more?


  1. Be confident. The term "geek" is a label that has been used on many people who have gone on to become quite popular. Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the founders of Google, are geeks that happen to be the most sought-after bachelors on the planet. Show everyone that you are proud of being a geek!
  2. Impress people with the things you excel at. Most geeks have a talent or skill others can't match. Perhaps you can calculate Pi by throwing hot dogs, win consistently at rock paper scissors, count cards, contact juggle or levitate. Whatever your talent is, flaunt it.
  3. When you don't feel like sticking out, blend in. No matter how much you love Star Trek, you can always smile and be friendly and sincere. This does not mean to act exactly as others are. Do not simply copy others unless you want to be another face in the crowd with no individuality.
  4. Get to know people by approaching them, and starting a conversation, or joining in on one, with those people you feel you would like to know better.
  5. When a "popular" person comes and humiliates you, don't mumble pathetically. What you have to do is laugh at them. Look as if you are going blue to prevent yourself from giggling. Give them a really patronizing smile and walk away.
  6. Learn to be a be a good conversationalist. Keep up with the latest trends, the new movies and books that others read, so you have many things to talk about when first meeting others. This does not mean drop your interests and pick up other ones. Do what you like to do, and you can find people who share similar interests.
  7. Branch out


  • Or seem really confident in yourself and show yourself as a smart, sensible but fun person because then people might not think of you as a timid, stupid person.
  • Make sure you are comfortable with everything you do to become more popular.
  • Stick with your friends. Make sure that everyone is loyal to each other all round.
  • Ask yourself what you really want, a few true friends or bucket loads of so-so friends.
  • A good way to go is sticking with other geeks- some may have similar interests as you... and you could end up with some great friends.


  • Don't ever sacrifice your talents to be popular. If you are good at math, don't start flunking and missing classes just to fit in, eventually you won't be able to reach the high grades you did once reach. It's better to be liked because you helped someone figure out the three flaws in sin cos and tan, than to be liked because you helped a person get out of class for 5 minutes.
  • Be wary of large groups of people. They tend to shout over what ever you try to say. They think its fun, but it might make you feel bad.
  • Sacrificing your individuality to be popular has a steep price. To become an identical face to others in the crowd is not easy to enjoy. It can be done, but you may have to drop all interests and hobbies and your way of life. Just a word of caution.

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