Buy Hay Hauling Equipment

Choosing a proper hay hauling vehicle or additional accessories can make your work simpler and more effective. Knowing how to buy hay hauling equipment can be confusing to someone new to the field or to an experienced person who doesn't know the latest offerings in the agriculture world. Follow a few easy steps to learn how to buy hay hauling equipment.


  1. Make a list of what you want your equipment to be able to accomplish before you start looking at makes and models. Whether you are looking for hauling gear that can help you lift, stack or bale, or equipment that simply hauls, you will want to ask yourself what features you want and/or need. Then plan your budget accordingly.
  2. Buy a flatbed hauler if budget is a consideration. This type of vehicle is appropriate if you or others plan to do all of the lifting of the hay onto or off of the truck.
  3. Purchase a road runner vehicle if your fields are large. This vehicle is also referred to as a squeeze vehicle. Because of the tremendous size, it can pick up large amounts of hay in a fraction of the time that it would take if your vehicle had to pick up every individual bale one at a time.
    • A squeeze vehicle can run you upwards of $100,000, so make sure that you either budget accordingly or secure proper financing for the vehicle. With that type of investment, though, plan to take proper care of the vehicle in order to make it give you the biggest return on your money spent.
    • At this cost, if time permits during your season, think about offering yourself as outsourced labor for other farmers in order to save them time and money. At the same time, this helps you earn additional income to help you pay off the debt of the vehicle.
  4. Choose a fuel-efficient vehicle in order to give you continued savings.
  5. Find your next vehicle locally or online.
    • Speak to area farmers to see if any are trying to sell their used equipment.
    • Visit the local farm supply store to purchase your vehicle or get a recommendation on the closest place you can find or purchase one.
    • Look for hay hauling equipment online at agriculture classified sites or even sites like
  6. Make sure that any vehicle you choose allows you to comply with your state's cargo-securing standards as well as Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Department of Transportation regulation on hauling.


  • Inspect any equipment thoroughly if you plan to purchase a used vehicle. Do not purchase used equipment or vehicles site unseen.