Remove a Clutch on a John Deere 5065e

When replacing the clutch on a 5065e the tools need for this job is vice grips, combination wrench, ratchets , sockets, jack, jack stands , crane, special tool to hold the front end , two 2x4's , 1/2 impact gun , impact sockets, extension's , flat head screw driver, strip, needle nose pliers, and a phillips screw driver.


  1. Before working on the tractor get the serial number and work hours. Find out whose tractor your working on to bill them. Then get all the tools your gonna need for the job.
    • Some of these series have a loader and you have to remove the loader. Before unscrewing the nuts use the crane and strip to hold the arms to prevent any serious injuries. Then with impact gun and socket you have to unscrew 6 nuts on both sides of the tractor.
  2. Use the vice grips to keep the fuel from coming out remove all fuel lines . Then with combination wrench remove all hydraulic lines to the hydraulic pump.
  3. Disconnect all connectors. Take off cables connect from the battery so you don't get shock.
  4. Use a 3/9 ratchet and a socket to unscrew two nuts from the fuel filter and remove it.
  5. With the needle nose pliers remove the cotter pin out the throttle and move line out the way.
  6. Before removing the 6 nuts put the jack on the back part of the tractor and use the crane and strap to hold the front part of the tractor.
  7. Put the two 2x4's under where the steering column.
  8. Carefully move the front end forward and make sure nothing gets caught.
  9. Put a jack stand to hold it and lower the crane.
  10. Unscrew 12 of the nuts that are holding clutch and thats all for removing the clutch.