Sell a Tractor

Selling a tractor involves getting it ready for sale, knowing how to set a good price for it and advertising it in the right places.


Getting the tractor ready for sale

  1. Make sure it cranks without boosting. Hot batteries are a must.
  2. Check for leaks. Check the oil, fuel, and air.
  3. Wash, wax and detail. Spray a liquid soap on the body and tires and then rinse with a power washer. If your tractor has been out in the open, or if it's older, it may require "buffing" the paint. If the paint is still very good, simply wax it.

Selling the tractor

  1. Work out the value of the tractor like does it have a cab, tires good, etc.
  2. Decide where you want to sell it. Choices include at an auction suited for farm machinery, the classifieds, or park it out front.


  • Some stores will have rebuilt batteries for half the cost. You can buy used tires and save the cost if your machines are wore out. There are free online classifieds Auction companies will charge you a fee for selling but are often the quickest way of moving the machine.


  • Don't let soap sit on machine too long, be careful when changing oil, gas, tires etc.